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    I need LED headlight options... The standard halogen bulbs are just not working for us.
  2. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi all, 2nd time VW owner here. 1st car was a 2002 Jetta (which a family member now drives around) and I spent some time last year trying to get rid of the yellow oxidization on the headlights with some products from AutoZone. It helped a little. I circled back to VW last year and bought a...
  3. MK5
    I am looking at the LED projector headlights on esctuning.com, i am trying to figure out if they would look good on my black 06 Jetta?! i really like the styling but i want to know what others think as well.. Also, i was wondering what sort of bulbs should i put in them, i new to projector style...
  4. MK5
    Hey everyone!! I have an 07 Jetta GLI with a Kenwood indash, 2400 watt power acoustic amp and 15" Sub, lowered down with eibachs and sittin on TSW 18's. My question is.... My headlights BURNED out... the little red piece behind the light was actually smoking. Im just wondering if anyone else...
1-4 of 4 Results