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  1. Preventing/minimization oxidization on headlamps... ?

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi all, 2nd time VW owner here. 1st car was a 2002 Jetta (which a family member now drives around) and I spent some time last year trying to get rid of the yellow oxidization on the headlights with some products from AutoZone. It helped a little. I circled back to VW last year and bought a...
  2. FS: mk4 jetta 42DD TBE, engine cover, Head

    For Sale - Parts
    Mutiple items from 2003 Jetta GLS 1.8T. Please send zip for shipping. 42DD Exhaust is Brand new only out of box for pics. Pay Pal preferred payment. Local pickup welcome. PM for questions. 42DD TBE dual tip, double wall w/cat $900.00 firm 1.8T engine cover set $50.00 OEM turbo inlet $50.00 OEM...
  3. How do I get this bugger out?

    A bumblee has made his own tombstone in my front left headlight (poor guy). How do I get him out (easily) without having to take apart a lot of things that I probably won't know how to put back together?
  4. vw polo 2010 HEADLIGHT BULBS

    Hi, does anyone know how to access the headlight bulbs in the new polos??