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  1. MK4 Golf Xenon/HID Headlight Assemblies needed (LHD)

    Hello, I have just bought a MK4 Golf (2.0L), and the front headlight adjusters are broken, so can't aim. I live in New Zealand and can't find any HID headlights that fit anywhere. Does anyone know where i can find some for LHD? Also how big a job is it to re-wire the car back to factory...
  2. Changing lights on MK6 Golf

    Recently, I have changed all my bulbs to LEDs on my car. My car was originally shipped with halogen bulbs. 9006 in the fog, H15 in high beams and H7 in low beams, all made by Lasfit. The bulb error light light up on the dashboard, I was told that its because I need a cambus error decoder, so I...
  3. FS: HID retrofitted e-code headlights

    For Sale - Parts
    http://www.vwforum.com/forums/f15/my-hid-retrofit-thread-42337/ I am selling my HID retrofitted headlights, seen in the above thread, which details their construction. They were for an MK4 Jetta, which I'm also selling. I'd like $700 for them. They took some time to make, and I'd like them to...
  4. 01 Golf 2.0, possible cracked head?

    I have a 2001 golf 2.0 engine, auto trans, has roughly 180,000 miles. I bought it in the spring and it was my daily driver until a month ago. I filled it up with gas, drove about 50 miles, and after I pulled off the exit ramp from the interstate and stopped at a light, the car sputtered and died...
  5. i need help with headlight issue

    hopefully this is not already posted if so show me im lost I need new headlight assembly but I want them to look real nice but I cant find any single bulb asseblys other than stock can I easily switch them to double bulb please help me need them bad cant drive the car
  6. Headlight Polishing Redux

    I know that there is already a headlight polishing thread from about two years ago, but I had such unexpectedly positive results today that I wanted to share the results of this awesome day with you guys! :D The short of it is that I have a 2002 Golf. I bought it second-hand—hence the small...
  7. Swapping SEL headlights for HYBRID headlights... possible?

    Ever since I saw the Jetta Hybrid headlights (2012 Autoshow) it was something I wanted for my 2011 SEL. Is this something that can be switched out? And if so, at ease? Thanks in advance for any insight~
  8. Headlight Issues

    1985 VW Golf Diesel I have been experiencing problems turing on the headlights. The high beams work. Sometimes they work, sometimes not, the colder the outside temp seems to exacerbate the issue. Some jiggling of the headlight switch on the dashboard can eventually get the lights to stay on...
  9. possessed jetta

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hello all, I think my 97 jetta's possessed, the turn signals don't flash unless the hazards are on. The hazards don't flash at all. I tried replacing the flasher relay and that does nothing. I heard that the turn signal relay is different from the flasher relay and that might need to be...
  10. FS: TDI golf parts/20th ae headlights

    For Sale - Parts
    Upgraded to FMIC, so i have some stuff laying around. Open to offers. Located near Akron, OH Smoked Side Markers: SOLD Headlights SOLD Stock Intercooler - $80 shipped Upper Intercooler Pipe - $50 shipped Intake Hose + Clamps - SOLD Lower Pancake Pipe - $30 shipped(I do not have the...
  11. VW Headlight Sealant

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hey guys I need a big favor. I want my headlights modded by the guys at 180 customs in NYC but before I ship my headlights, Alex told me to find out how the headlights are sealed. For example, he mostly works on G37s and said their lights are sealed using silicone or something and can be...
  12. 92 golf electrical problems help!!

    So my 92 golf is having problems again. The problems started when i tried to bypass the fuel pump relay cuz it wasn't coming on but i bypassed the wrong relay, now my blower fan my wipers and my headlights dont work, unless i turn on the light switch and hold back the dimmer switch, if i do this...
  13. Test vehicle needed

    yo wats up guys and gals, I work for ANZO USA and we manufacture performance headlights and tail lights. My company has the head lights and tail lights for the 2010 Golf but we need to do a test fit for the non european models. So we are looking for a 2010 Golf non HID model to do the test on...
  14. Golf/Jetta Mk3 headlights/Bulbs and Trim

    For Sale - Parts
    I ripped apart a 95 golf yesterday excited to grab the OEM headlights in excellent shape. However I forgot my GTI has the special edition 2 bulb headlights so they won't work on my car without a wiring mod. These headlights are in great shape (i haven't even used lens cleaner on them yet) and...
  15. Parts4Euro.com | HELIX R32 Style Projector Headlights with Free 8000K HID KIT!!

    Parts4Euro.com | HELIX R32 Style Projector Angel Eye Headlights with Free HID KIT!! From now until April 15th 2010 We are liquidating stock therefore we are offering the following headlights with a FREE set of 6000K or 8000K NON PRE-INSTALLED HID KIT. Please select Option "Non Pre-Installed...
  16. Eyelids for MKIV Jetta, Yes or No?

    I have a 01 Jetta 1.8t. I recently bought new headlights for my car(1st Picture) They're sonar halo projectors that have eyebrows. I was planning on buying eyelids for my car but I dont know whether the eyelids will block the eyebrows. Will they or no?
  17. Electrical Problems/Headlights, Wipers

    It started a couple weeks ago when i jumped in the car after work, i turned it on, released the hand brake, and the daytime running lights (LOW BEAMS) didn't come on even when i turned on the normal lights. So i shut the car and tried again. Presto, lights are back on. I didn't think much of it...
  18. FS: MKIV Jetta Bi-xenon Retrofit Headlights / 6000K / OEM FX Projectors / Extras

    For Sale - Parts
    For sale are my recent retrofits which I completed a couple months back or so. Setup: FX-R Bi-xenon projectors 6000K Apexcone Bulbs (less than 20 hours on them) Spare set of Apexcone 6000K bulbs (less than 10 hours on them) Apexcone slim ballasts w/ ignitors Relay Kit to power you ballasts...
  19. Jetta GLI Headlights

    Hey everyone!! I have an 07 Jetta GLI with a Kenwood indash, 2400 watt power acoustic amp and 15" Sub, lowered down with eibachs and sittin on TSW 18's. My question is.... My headlights BURNED out... the little red piece behind the light was actually smoking. Im just wondering if anyone else...
  20. foggy headlights

    my headlights have gotten extremely foggy and i dont want to pay someone to clean them i figure i could probably do it myself. does anyone have a link that would show instructions on how to go about this????? Also, new headlight bulbs? any good ones anyone knows of??????:K::)