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heated seats

  1. Heated seats wiring help needed

    So i got seats from a VR6 for my Golf 3 1.8 1997 and i also bought the wiring harness and dial to turn up the heat. All i want to know is where do these power wires go? Where is the location to plug them in? This is driving me mad and i cant find any instructions or locations online on where to...
  2. Help with MK4 GTI Issues!

    Hi, first post here, and I've gotta say I've found a lot of help in this forum, so I dare ask a maybe simple question. I recently bought a 2000 GTI VR6, and it has what I believe is the MFA screen faulty. I'm not sure if it's damaged or does it need to be reset? I've attached a picture so you...
  3. loose wires under seat

    hello wise dubbers. I bought my mk4 gti used and my drivers side seat heater has never worked. So I followed the steps here: heated seat work when they want - Page 2 - TDIClub Forums and found that one of the wires was disconnected. I repaired it and still no heat... I looked under the seat...
  4. 97 jetta glx,vr6 ( misc.elec. bugs)

    1997 jetta glx,vr6. on the test drive the PW worked. on the drive home the cruise worked. never had the heated seats working. issue 1. the power windows stopped working. the key in the door will still roll them down from outside.inside switches seem dead.front and rear. issue 2 cruise...