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  1. MK4
    I have a 2000 Jetta gls and when iding the temp gauge will rise to normal, but whenever I am driving no matter how long the temp gauge goes all the way to cold and never goes up. the heater gets a little warm but no matter how long i drive it wont get hot enough to be worth while.
  2. General Volkswagen Discussion
    I have a 2000 Jetta gls. The heater enver gets as warm as it should be. When idling the temp. gauge goes up to normal, but when I am driving it goes all the way down and never returns to normal no matter how long I drive.
  3. MK4
    I can't seem to get my car to stay warm in the cab. It runs at normal temp and the fan comes on for the heater but the temp won't change up or down. Checked fluids and all is good. Maybe something to do with the heat knob or something maybe? Any ideas on how to fix? A while ago, the heater...
  4. MK3
    1997 cabrio...the wife tells me earlier that the wipers and heater fan arent working...windhield was foggy and had some dew on the windshield...i recently got this car and i know they worked when i drove it home. Of course i get the "you told me everything worked..." speech from her so now i...
  5. MK4
    I have an mk4 jetta and my drivers side seat heater isn't working but the passenger side IS working.. So I have checked the fuse and it is one fuse for both meaning thats not the problem, so my guess is that the element is burnt out or the wiring somewhere is not covered.. Any ideas of what the...
  6. MK3
    I have a 1997 (mark3) diesel 1.8 vw golf. Sometimes when i turn the key, the heater illumination light for the coil will not come on and so the car will not start. (if i turn the key the car will turn and turn but never start, not unless the heater coil comes on) I also noticed that if i...
  7. MK3
    My Heater Core blew up and spewed steam and Glycol all over me last week. I was quite dizzy and high for sometime. The car water temp raised to 230 or so and stabilized enough for me to get home. The oil temp climbed to 240 and stabilzed. Today, I circumvented the Heater Core at the firewall...
  8. Vans & Transporters
    Hi guys, my heater controller wont turn all the way round it will only turn to windscreen and footwell but not to the dashboard vents, Any ideas on how to fix it ? does anyone know any websites that I could find a diagram of the heating controls and how they work or something that might help ?
1-8 of 8 Results