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help...advice needed asap

  1. Aftermarket radio help

    I just installed a JVC radio on my 03 golf, got the wiring harness and all hooked up, but I noticed before I did that both the 12v battery and ignition wires have a constant 12v regardless of if the key is in or out. Plus the harness only connects to one of the two, and I'm not sure which one as...
  2. Reverse camera help

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi everyone, im new to the whole vw scene and im hoping you guys can help me out. I installed an oem reverse camera on my daughter's passat tdi sel and had a guy locally use ross tech to activate it. I made sure the add a fuse was installed properly and it is not working at all. Even if i messed...
  3. MK4 Golf Xenon/HID Headlight Assemblies needed (LHD)

    Hello, I have just bought a MK4 Golf (2.0L), and the front headlight adjusters are broken, so can't aim. I live in New Zealand and can't find any HID headlights that fit anywhere. Does anyone know where i can find some for LHD? Also how big a job is it to re-wire the car back to factory...
  4. Car not starting..

    Hello, So I’ve been recently having an issue with my GTi (185kM) not starting.. it cranks, but doesn’t kick over. I’ve replaced the battery, Fuel pump (which does prime), the spark plugs, the air filter, to now changing the alternator. After changing everything I’ve now got a stored P1289...
  5. 03 Gti vr6

    Picture of the month
    Hey guys I’m new to this forum stuff but really need some help ... got my 03 gti vr6 a few months ago and holy crap what a car i love it it’s perfect for me. I have had one problem that for some reason has not been solvable... so sometimes when i go to start the car it’ll turn over but not start...
  6. Need help with My 2000 Jetta

    New Member Introductions
    1.My cars alarm wont stop going off so i unplugged the alarm 2.every time i turn on my lights or use the dimmer switch for my lights it pops the trunk 3.when i bought the car the radio harness was messed with so now i don't know how to hook a radio up to it so could some get a easy to read...
  7. Missing obd2 port on 2006 Jetta tdi

    I’m missing the port for my obd2 I’ve checked everywhere I’ve searched up online but can’t find anything I hope one of u guys can help out I’m not sure if it’s different from gas powered Jetta and diesel Jetta

    Recently bought a 12v vr6 that doesn’t move, goes into gear without clutch while running previous owner said he was driving it came up to a stop went to take off and it didn’t move any suggestions?
  9. GTI main thermostat issues

    I have just changed my main thermostat (old one was stuck in the open positions) has fixed that issues, but now i have white smoke is coming out the the left side of my hood, pulled over could not find no smoke coming from anywhere and the car isn't overheating. any ideas ?
  10. 2011 Jetta s 2.0 mk6

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Car was working fine .. now it wont start dont know what to do with it might be the timming .. located in Utah .. low miles clean interior nd out ..
  11. Help finding part name!!

    So I recently got into an accident.. long story short I didn’t have the right insurance coverage so now I’m paying for my repairs fully, I can find like 99% of my replacement parts online. But I cannot figure out what this part is called for the life of me. It’s where the hood closes, above...
  12. help!!!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi I bought my first car when I was 16 years old it was a 2000 VW golf 2.0 engine and it had 75 k miles on it. The car ran great and it served me very well over the years, I am 23 now and i still have the same car, it has 130k miles on it now and there are a lot of things that could use fixing...
  13. Alarm Troubles... I'm sick of it

    So my alarm system on my 2001 Golf GTI, 4-door, is going haywire. I lock the car and the horn beeps acknowledging that is it secure. Then, it will randomly start going off because the sensor thinks someone opened the door. It's really annoying. Now I have been doing my research. I noticed that...
  14. Newbe in FL needs help w/CODES

    I am a new Jetta Owner.... Wouldn't you know after 10 days, car throws a bunch of codes. Car is a 2001 Jetta 1.8T 130 K miles, 5-Speed. When I went to scan codes, no power to ODB-II Port..... Searches resulted in "aftermarket radio" Removed the radio and am able to read codes now. I have zero VW...
  15. HELP ME DECIDE Vr6 or 2.0 in my 92 GTI build??

    So I have this 92 GTI sitting in the barn with a big hole were the engine should be. I have not done anything to it since I removed the engine several years ago. I have recently gained some serious vw motivation. I also have the front half of a 95 GTI 5 speed with 37k miles on it...
  16. help!

    I have a Vdub mk4 Jetta gls 5-speed. and everytime it rains my engine just doesn't like to work. It'll start and run but only between 400-800 rpms and if i try to put it in gear and move. it bogs out. and shuts off if this has happen to you or anything like it plz shoot me a message or...
  17. B6 Intake help!!

    Im new to this site. I been looking for a cai for my AT trans fsi. I saw the forge twintake but that wont fit. Then i seen they made a single the problem im having is finding on to buy. i looked for hours and could not find one. If anyone knows of a site or maybe an even better one that would...
  18. 2001 passat... please help advice needed

    :rolleyes:I love my car to death however here is whats going on.. Its starting to stutter when I accelerate... I put some fuel injector cleaner in it and it still does it. If I push my rpms to the full 3k it doesnt really do it as often... also- temp gauge no longer registering airbag light...