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  1. FS: HID retrofitted e-code headlights

    For Sale - Parts
    http://www.vwforum.com/forums/f15/my-hid-retrofit-thread-42337/ I am selling my HID retrofitted headlights, seen in the above thread, which details their construction. They were for an MK4 Jetta, which I'm also selling. I'd like $700 for them. They took some time to make, and I'd like them to...
  2. HID Kit for 2013 Passat SE

    Hey everyone, and thank you for reading this :D I'm leasing a 2013 Passat SE and would really like to install some 6K HIDs on it! I took it to a local shop, but they said the socket is new, there is no wiring, and the bulbs don't fit unless i get the plastic socket piece they need from...
  3. HID kit for Routan

    I recently purchased a Routan SEL and am interested in upgrading to HID headlights. I've seen the aftermarket stuff available on Ebay but was wondering if someone could point me to a VW OEM HID conversion kit for the Routan that they have had experience with. Your help would be greatly...