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  1. MK5
    2005.5 Mk5 TDI Jetta 1.9L Trying to get my car inspected, but horn is not working. I replaced it last year and worked for a little while. Replaced fuse and relay and still nothing. I do have a lot of electrical issues with this car. Passenger airbag light has been on for years, parasitic drain...
  2. MK5
    My mk5 Jetta horn hasn't worked for a while and I'm tired of idiots on not knowing how to drive and I can't honk, my parents weren't the brightest about fixing it and going to the dealership about it and they went the cheap route to going to a mechanic and the mechanic spliced some cables that...
  3. MK4
    I need help! When i use my horn, it sound like a 5 year old driving around a bike with a tiny air horn... How can i change the horn? Where is it placed?
  4. MK2
    I cannot seem to fix the horn on my 85 Golf 1.8. I replaced the stock, dual horns with a single horn and simply connected the two wires that formerly attached to the second horn. I mounted the new horn in the stock location and checked that the horn button on the steering wheel works fine...
  5. MK5
    The airbag warning light came on in my 2007 Jetta. How do I go about getting this taken care of without going to the dealership and paying $100 just for someone to look at it? The horn stopped working as well. I replaced the 15amp fuse, but it still does not sound. Where is the horn assembly...
  6. MK3
    Hi, Anyone out there have a diagram for which relays go where in the '97 Jetta GL 2.0L? It's a long story of how AAA left my car worse than when I called them, but basically my horn doesn't work (and I'd rather not deal with AAA again). I can pull the relay from the hazard lights and put it...
1-6 of 6 Results