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  1. Replace sound horn

    I need help! When i use my horn, it sound like a 5 year old driving around a bike with a tiny air horn... How can i change the horn? Where is it placed?
  2. Horn problems

    I cannot seem to fix the horn on my 85 Golf 1.8. I replaced the stock, dual horns with a single horn and simply connected the two wires that formerly attached to the second horn. I mounted the new horn in the stock location and checked that the horn button on the steering wheel works fine...
  3. Airbag Warning Light/Horn

    The airbag warning light came on in my 2007 Jetta. How do I go about getting this taken care of without going to the dealership and paying $100 just for someone to look at it? The horn stopped working as well. I replaced the 15amp fuse, but it still does not sound. Where is the horn assembly...
  4. 1997 Jetta GL Relays Diagram

    Hi, Anyone out there have a diagram for which relays go where in the '97 Jetta GL 2.0L? It's a long story of how AAA left my car worse than when I called them, but basically my horn doesn't work (and I'd rather not deal with AAA again). I can pull the relay from the hazard lights and put it...