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ignition coil

  1. Ignition Coil

    Greetings all - I had a diagnostic code that said I have misfires in cylinder 3 of my gas '01 Jetta (2.0L GLS, AZG engine). The shop said that the ignition coil is cracked (the car still runs, but I am getting subpar gas mileage). I did not like the price that was quoted to replace the coil...
  2. 98 VW Golf 2.0L-No Spark

    I have a no start, with a no spark condition verified by a spark tester on this car. I'm unfamiliar with the ignition system on this car but by the looks of it, the ICM is part of the ignition coil, and is switched by the hall effect sensor in the distributor. I verified 12v on the 3 wire...
  3. Ignition Coil? 96 Jetta GL 2.0 History Included

    I bought a 96 Jetta GL for $650 several months ago. The guy I bought it from got it an an auction. He accidentally kicked the fuse box down and fried some wires. When I bought it, it didn't start, but would crank. There were other problems with it once I got it started...
  4. starting / ignition problem with mk3 golf

    my golf used to just ramdomly stall while driving and take a while to start up again. it been doing it for a few months, then i went away on holiday for 2 weeks so didnt drive my car, when i came back it started first time but shut off right away and i cannot start it again. i have just changed...
  5. Is My Coil Toast?

    I have a '94 Jetta 2.0 liter automatic that conked out twice within 3 miles of driving. After the second time it wouldn't start again and I had it towed home. I did some trouble shooting and found that the ignition coil isn't putting out any electricity when I try to crank the engine. While...
  6. For Sale: $100 VR6 Ignition Coil Coilpack

    For Sale - Parts
    VR6 coilpack came out of 97 Passat. In VERY GOOD condition. One other available with weld fix that works perfect, e-mail me if interested. $100 [email protected]