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  1. 2 Jetta 2.5 quirks

    I have a 2013 Jetta SE 2.5 automatic transmission. I bought it used a few months ago. These are the two issues I am seeing: 1. When I am rolling at about 5mph and have my foot off the gas, I attempt to start accelerating again and the car shifts hard back into gear(first or second I assume)...
  2. Any one else have trouble with the ignition switch?

    I have a 2013 MKVI Jetta, and about a year ago, I noticed my ignition switch getting sticky, whenever I tried removing my key. I mentioned this to my service advisor at VW, who recommended replacing it while it's under warranty. The parts took about a week to come in, during that week, the key...
  3. Dead Rabbit Mk5

    Southeastern US
    2007 Mk5. 5 speed with 78,000 mi. I drove it one day and then two days later I hopped in and it would not start. Turn the key and nothing. Battery is almost new and tests at 12.6 v. I checked the cable to the starter and is receiving 12v there. I want to check the ignition wire to the solenoid...
  4. 01 Jetta Ignition Issue

    Hello everyone, Having a bit of trouble with my newly inherited 2001 2.0L 4cyl 5 speed Jetta. When I got it, it had issues running in the rain- wouldn't start most times, idled rough, etc. I looked up the issues and replaced the ignition coil pack. That seemed to fix the issue- it passed...
  5. Keys... 2x96 Jetta's with no keys!

    I am in one hell of a predicament. I have two 1996 VW Jettas. I have NO KEYS for either. So by my calculations: I need 1 ignition, 2 door locks and 1 trunk lock all keyed the same X 2 What would the VW gods suggest? Need to get these suckers running again, all I need is keys! Called...
  6. Video: Replacing ignition starter switch

    Hi, the video shows you how to diagnose and how to replace the ignition starter switch at a Passat 35i. For this repair the steering wheel, the lock and the reduction sleeve on the steering column has to be removed. Especially pulling the reduction sleeve might be a problem. The video gives you...
  7. electrical problems

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Sometimes I get a spark and sometimes not, on 1991 VW Jetta. Engine turns over very well, but sometimes it cranks and sometimes not. Sometimes it runs well and sometimes it stalls out. I was thinking about changing the ignition module first. Any thoughts?
  8. Repairs / Upgrades

    Hi everyone, I'm putting some new parts on the car. Since I will be getting my hands dirty I wanted to ask you guys a few lessons learns, like stuff that I should look at while I have some parts removed and some upgrade I could do while I'm at it. (If I can get some more HP out of the little...
  9. Ignition Problem, Cylinder or Switch? MK3 Golf

    So i've been having this very temperamental problem with my Golf. Whenever the cab gets warm i get a no click no crank. Battery works, everything works, starter just isn't getting a current. I've found though that when the cab is only warm if i press the key in to the tumbler hard enough it will...
  10. Button Failure on Push To Start

    Had a dealership short out my ignition (long story) - buddies added a maritime ignition start button with wires coming under the dash from the starter and battery same day - I turn the key and push start - been driving since November with no problems - went to start last night and the button had...
  11. 96 Jetta VR6 Ignition trouble

    Ignition will not work when it is hot in the car, battery is good. This only happens when the temp is high inside or outside. Please help I am tired of push starting, lol. Any ideas, maybe A relay?