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jetta 1995

  1. Automatic Transmission Identification Number

    My transmission in my 95 Jetta GL is on it's way out. I am pretty short on money, so I am going to go to a junkyard to pull a transmission and put it in myself. But, I want to make sure I am choosing the right transmission. I know I am looking for a combination of three letters that will be at...
  2. Acceleration Problems

    I'm having problems accelerating in my Jetta. The check engine light is on, and when I step on the throttle after coming to a complete stop, it keeps jerking forward and does not get up to speed quickly. The more gas I give it, the worse it gets. But, once it does get up to speed, it drives...
  3. I need help with parts for the steering column on my Jetta

    I am looking for some parts for my Jetta. I need a plastic cover for the steering column. I do have both parts for it, but It looks like the areas I would screw into are broken so the screw wont catch. Does anyone know any way I could fix it or anywhere I could find the parts? I have a few pics...