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  1. Jetta/Golf Electrical Problems

    HI: I'm new around here, I have two a golf MK4 2000 and a Jetta 2005 both with the same problem, "THE MAIN FUSE BOX MELTS OUT SOME FUSES". Here is the explanation: For the Golf: always melt the the first green fuse (cooling fans fuse) from left to right, I already take it to the pros and they...
  2. AC Problems 2002 Jetta 2.0

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    :( AC Problem; 2002 Jetta 2.0...Compressor going on as commanded, both fans comming on while ac is trying to work. No cold! Im thinking a control ac module? where is it? ....Possibly unrelated issue my kid slid sidways and blew off 2 air bags. About the time the ac stopped. Yesterday, I replaced...
  3. 1995 VW Jetta

    Hello I have a 95 VW Jetta GL 2.0 with 116K miles on it. For the past couple of months when ever it rains/wet snow my car starts to hesitate badly, sometimes it stalls out. I would be cruising at 30mph then all of a sudden i feel a loss of power and start seeing the RPMs going down. What i did...
  4. Installed new starter...then the car died

    I installed a new starter on my 97 jetta. once i was done with that i hooked up the battery cables made sure everything was good crank the car...Car started and was running then suddenly the car died. I ask a some one that i knew they knew a little about jetta's and they told me that it has too...
  5. 1997 Jetta GL Relays Diagram

    Hi, Anyone out there have a diagram for which relays go where in the '97 Jetta GL 2.0L? It's a long story of how AAA left my car worse than when I called them, but basically my horn doesn't work (and I'd rather not deal with AAA again). I can pull the relay from the hazard lights and put it...
  6. -Sacramento,ca-MK2 Jetta gl 1.8sohc california ed. grn 4dr

    For Sale - Vehicles
    -!!!NEW PICS!!!Sacramento,ca-MK2 Jetta gl 1.8sohc california ed. grn 4dr I have up for sale a 1991 jetta GL. it is a 1.8 sohc, has 213xxx, replaced head gasket, had the head polished.replaced all upper seals and cpl pulleys,and belts at the time of the head gasket replacement few months back...