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  1. Key fob weirdness

    So, I have a 2011 Jetta. I got two key fobs and used one for years. That one broke spectacularly with the blade holder splitting in half. I got out my second fob, put a brand new battery in it, and this one seems to only work if I'm within 5 ft of the front of the car. The other one worked...
  2. Mk4 Keyless remote programming

    I got two new keys cut (another story and post!) and programmed the remotes very easily using the instructions in the Owner's manual (3.1 pg. 37). I have a 2000 Jetta. Here is a summary of the instructions: You will need two cut keys (one remote already programmed in the ignition and another...
  3. Broken flip key/fob?

    Through wear and tear, the little keychain loop on both of my flip keys/fobs has broken off. I called the dealership, and they want upward of $100 for each key + reprogramming...which is unacceptable. Has anyone here tried buying one of the blank flip keys on eBay and putting the components of...
  4. Key FOB

    Quick question... I found a used switchblade style Key FOB on eBay and was wondering if a used one is re-keyable and reprogrammable? Dealer function? Lock Smith? I priced one at the stealership and for a new key and the programming is $175. Thanks!
  5. Key fob not working with new batteries

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Today I replaced the batteries in the keyfob for my 2000 Golf GLS. I had previously removed the old batteries to check the type and put them back in with no problems. I put new batteries in today and the fob won't work. Put the old ones back in, switched back and forth, still nothing...