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  1. 2000 Eurovan roof leak

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    The roof leaks in my 2000 Eurovan. Water drips in near the passenger side sun visor. I know there are issues with the design of the sun roof and its drainage system (i.e., no drainage tray inside, etc.). We've sealed up the sunroof window (the part that moves to open the sunroof) and the leak...
  2. Manual Transmission problem 96 jetta GL 2.0

    Went to the store, on the way home heard a little pop. When got home saw a puddle of transmission fluid under the car which kept leaking pretty bad while the car ran. Got under the car and found the origin of the leak and took some pics. Looks like the seal came out or something like that. My...
  3. Help with mystery coolant leak in Golf!

    I'm kind of a newb with fixing my own car problems, but I'm always willing to try. This is what happened to me so far: About a month after my most recent drive from Calgary to Vancouver and back (about 2,000km), I noticed that my coolant level began to fall. I thought it was just because of the...
  4. Another coolant leak - what is this part?

    Hi everybody... I have a leak that seems to be coming from this part (see pic) or possibly just above this part. Can you help me identify what this is??? The part indicated by the BIG RED ARROW (ignore the other arrows, I borrowed the image from a different post). Also, when the car first...
  5. Noises and Leaks?

    So I have an 02 1.8t Jetta and I've been having some weird sounds when I drive. Basically, when im accelerating and the car goes over 2,000 rpms, I hear a weird high pitched sound that goes away once I lay off the gas. At first, I freaked out because I thought it might be the "drill sound of...
  6. 2010 Passat water leak in backseat

    Quick question. Agreed to have my new 2010 Passat washed at dealership "A" while getting my 10,000 mi oil change. Only have ever hand washed car before this. Next day, car breaks down and won't start back up. Towed to dealership "B". "B" states that there is a gallon of water in my backseat...
  7. HELP. vacuum leak?

    hey guys. so i just bought an '05 gti 1.8t and it appears i have some sort of vacuum leak. it was making a bit of a hissing sound so i went to investigate. i wiggled around that funny F-shaped pipe that connects to all the other vacuum hoses near the intake manifold (right about where the...