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  1. The overhead courtesy light won't illuminate when door is opened.

    Hi, This is a bit of a weird fault. - I can switch the overhead courtesy light on and off; - all the bulbs work; - the sun-roof switch works; - when the doors are opened, the courtesy lights in the foot-wells come on; BUT, - the overhead courtesy light will not switch on when the doors...
  2. Two questions about repairing my Golf

    I'll have to preface my post by saying I know next to nothing about cars, so please go easy on me. Anyway, I got my 2002 Golf about six months ago, and it has been running pretty well. All I had to do so far was get the thermostat replaced (after a little run-in with cold weather in Fargo!) and...
  3. 08 New Beetle Parts?

    New Beetle
    Hello all! I am looking for a part and can't seem to find it? The orange light on the front of my bug is cracked, and there is a little part missing. According to VW, it's called the Front Left Marker Lamp, and I can't find any parts named that. I've tried front indicator light, blinker...
  4. No seatbelt light?

    So basically, when i put the key in the ignition, the light comes on for about 3 seconds (just like all the other lights) and even when im driving without the seatbelt the warning light wont come on; so the light works properly. Is it a sensor problem? Im almost completely positive that the...
  5. Instrument Cluster Help

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I just purchased a 2000 jetta GLS a couple weeks ago, love the car but one little problem. The speedometer and tach gauge needles don't light up. I removed and disassembled the cluster and found what my guess are LED's. I did not attempt to remove them for fear of damaging anything. Does anyone...