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  1. Alarm Troubles... I'm sick of it

    So my alarm system on my 2001 Golf GTI, 4-door, is going haywire. I lock the car and the horn beeps acknowledging that is it secure. Then, it will randomly start going off because the sensor thinks someone opened the door. It's really annoying. Now I have been doing my research. I noticed that...
  2. Locks/Windows/Dome Light/Unlock not working

    So i dunnit again -_- I removed the passenger's side door panel to fix it (dumbass that sold the car to me lied that there was no accident, apparently there was) and to do this, I removed the connections to the switches on that side. Low and behold, things can become more complicated than...
  3. Locks/Windows/Interior Lights, Poof! 2003 Golf

    Hi All, Just yesterday on my 2003 Golf I replaced both a front headlight and taillight bulb, using exactly the same model bulbs as were there to begin with. However, almost immediately afterwards, my power locks stopped working (they will lock, and then immediately unlock), the windows and...