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  1. LT35 occassional loss of power at high revs

    Vans & Transporters
    Hello, VW brothers ;) Here I have a problem, that has not yet been described anywhere else on the net, so it might be a bit of a challenge to you, guys! My LT35, 2.8 TDI, 54-REG loses it`s (otherwise ENORMOUS) power withing some specific engine revs ranges. When I drive it and accelerate, it...
  2. Lt40 parts diagram needed

    Vans & Transporters
    Hi. i am in desperate need of a parts diagram and associated part numbers for the accelerator pedal on a LT40 (1990) My local dealers are not willing to email me a parts diagram :( If anyone could help please email to [email protected] thankyou :)
  3. LT35 Loss of power

    Vans & Transporters
    My 2.5 Ltr D LT35 lacks power. The dealer has said that the air mass sensor works OK. If I disconnect the air pipe to the ERG (or is it the ELG) on the top of the mainifold (what would be the carb on a petrol model), the Turbo is generating plenty of air - in fact the van runs better with this...