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  1. MAF or MAP, or something else?

    Okay, guys, can anyone offer advice about this problem? 2001 VW Golf 1.8T AWW, three weeks ago it popped a code p0171. The car continued to run without noticeable problem but as it's done 165,000 miles, and general consensus was a faulty MAF, I decided to replace it. Bought an OE replacement...
  2. 98 Jetta GT 2.0 MK3 electrical? Help!

    Ok, here is the deal, after the car threw me a p0103 and p1580 on an OBDII scanner, I replaced the MAF, Throttle Body( not adapted), and the forward 02 sensor for good measure. the idle is at 1400 for a second then drops down to 900 and climbs back up to 1400 again. over and over this happens...
  3. P0171 Code after new MAF

    Hi, Couple months ago I had the "major" vacuum line replaced by the stealership and had the oil pan dropped, new screen, sludge cleaned out. Just recently I got a P0171 code. Took in into my local shop, they checked all the hosing, cleaned the sensor connection for the MAF and reset the...
  4. Throw MAF through a window?

    Facts 2001 Vw Jetta 2.0 completely stock (duh why would you modify a 2.slow, ok I admit that was unnecessary) Runs like crap at an idle with MAF plugged in. Unplug MAF and it runs great. It can't be a bad MAF because this is the 2nd new one and also tried one out of another Jetta that works...
  5. Intake and vacuum lines

    I want to install a CAI on my 2.5 and i noticed two vacuum lines that operate off the intake close to the throttle body and im wondering what they go to/what they do and if the CAI's i find online are suited to accept these two lines without throwing a code or harming anything. also, does the...