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  1. MAP hose on ADZ

    Does anyone know where the MAP hose is on an ADZ engined Golf? I'm getting the spluttering, and problems starting specified in the following thread: GolfGTIforum.co.uk - An independent forum for Volkswagen Golf GTI enthusiasts. Could anyone point me in the direction of the MAP hose? I can...
  2. MAF or MAP, or something else?

    Okay, guys, can anyone offer advice about this problem? 2001 VW Golf 1.8T AWW, three weeks ago it popped a code p0171. The car continued to run without noticeable problem but as it's done 165,000 miles, and general consensus was a faulty MAF, I decided to replace it. Bought an OE replacement...
  3. MAP Sensor for MKIV 1.8T Jetta

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    Hello, I bought a MAP sensor (this is different from a MAF sensor) for my 2002 VW Jetta 1.8T (attached picture); but it turns out I never needed it. This is brand new OEM (Bosch) and has never been installed. I bought it from ECS Tuning and they won't accept returns on any electronic...
  4. Location of MAP sensor

    Hello, I have a 2002 VW Jetta 1.8T and it needs a new MAP sensor (P0106 and p0238 codes). Where is the MAP sensor? I've read this post: Volkswagen Jetta Forum - where is the map sensor located on a jetta - CarGurus ...but I still can't see where it is (mainly because I don't know...