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  1. Replacing Oxygen Sensor - 1995 VW Cabrio

    Hey Folks, I have recently had a stint of low MPG on my 1995 VW Cabriolet. The vehicle has the following noted items: Recently cleaned the MAF with CRC SensorKleen 226 000 km/Odometer Reading Changed Spark Plugs 100km's Ago (G-Power - NGK) No signs of difficulty accelerating or unsteady idle...
  2. how much mileage is too much for a turbo install? (VR6)

    I'm going to install a turbo setup on my 24v VR6 when spring finally comes around, and my buddy with his own VR6 wants to do the same after seeing the parts every day in my garage. I'm thinking it's probably not a good idea for him because his VR6 is older and he's sitting on about 120k...
  3. anyone roughly know mileage for a VRT?

    Hey! I'm new here but not new to vdubz - no one in my immediate circle of friends knows how much a VRT gets in terms of mileage so here I am. I've got a 24v VR6 and a C2 Stage 1+ kit is on it's way, with a low compression head spacer for now. A little bit later on I plan to grab an LSD, SRI...
  4. 95 passat oil consuming

    VW PASSAT 1.8, petrol, YEAR: 95 Motor model: ABS, four cylinders, 66kW (not the original, is changed, i don't know real mileage) Compression values: 10 - 10 - 8 - 9 (bar) Oil consuming: 0.4 liters (400 ml at 1000 km) At a first engine start after 1 day (or more) of waiting appears to be white...