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  1. Does someone know how to get rid of the passenger's side mirror?

    Hi there, I have started trying to save money by making my 2000 GTI more aerodynamic. I have lowered it, added low rolling resistance tires, and have thought about other things to do to it to get more MPGs. I read that a lot of people these days are getting rid of their passenger side rear...
  2. FS: MK3 Black Side View Mirrors

    For Sale - Parts
    In great shape! I have two driver side mirrors and two passenger side mirrors. $25 each OBO plus shipping. OR $50 for a set shipped! Located in Wall, NJ 08720 Questions or Inquiries, please email [email protected] or call John @ (732) 691-2335.
  3. 03 Passat mirror problem

    my folding mirrors stopped working. the best way i can put it is that just after i folded them (which worked fine) i started the car later then they wouldnt open back so i manually popped it out to adjust them. i doubt the motor would be dead cuz both stopped working at the same time, what are...
  4. stupid dad

    so im looking at my car this morning and i look at my car this morning and i was wondering why my mirror was folded in i unfolded it and it was all cracked (the case) and chipped long story short my dad ran through it with the snow blower handle and and thought i wouldnt notice i confront him...
  5. Passat side mirrors?

    i have an 03 passat and im leaning towards the 04 passat side mirrors because of the binkers. but my question is IF the 04 mirrors would work for the 03 passat, if i wire it? both passat's are the same model (b5.5) so it should fit. i doubt only cuz the wiring would be different, so i would have...