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  1. 2000 VR6 Jetta Top half of engine RATTLE-NOT intake-shirt-rod

    Just bought a 2000 vr6 with an engine rattle. I picked it up from a shop for cheap but it was at the shop due to the owners bringing it in complaining of a engine noise. Shop (not a VW shop just a general fix all) diagnosed the engine as bad. I drove it home and the noise definitely didn't seem...
  2. "built" 87 1.8 having acceleration/fuel issues

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi, I have an 87 Golf with a 1.8 SOHC, that had been built about 6 years ago. Im not sure exactly what all they did to it, as I was not the owner then, but I think they did some head work, camshaft, bored, header, etc. The car is really strong, probably pulls 3 times harder than my buddies Jetta...