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  1. FS 1983 Rabbit L 4-Door MK1 Gas Engine - NY/Long Island

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Hey All, Sadly I'm selling my 1983 Rabbit L MK1 4 door after many good years - the car is running but no longer current for inspection. Car will need to be towed to new owner. I'm located in Nassau County, Long Island New York. I've owned the car since 2003 and unfortunately can't care...
  2. installing a tachometer in 1984 rabbit gas help

    I was wandering if anyone knows how to hook up a tach in a 1984 rabbit that didn't have one. I'd like to just run a pod instead of a cluster swap and I am 100 clueless how to install one.
  3. WANTED : Mk1 Caddy Slammed Project/Complete

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys Just joined this site after using vwcaddy forum a lot. I am just waiting for confirmation for my first car - mk6 Polo. But I am searching really hard to have a classic toy, a mk1 caddy. I would love one that is mechanically prefect and not so good on exterior rather than brilliant...
  4. Everyone will LOVE this video!!! Please watch it!

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Ok so Im not sure if it goes here, so if it belongs somewhere else let me know and I will move it or a mod can, anyways, watch it, comment on it, love it and have a great day!
  5. 1981 MK1 Jetta 2-Door

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Rare 2-Door sunroof jetta converted to 16valve long block with 5speed. Straight body, GTI front brakes and wheels. Comes with GTI steering rack(not installed). Unfortunately the engine threw a rod and it needs a new engine. I do not have time/space for this project but i can supply a new long...
  6. 1983 golf mk2 fitments?

    i just got a hold of a mk1 for dirt cheap , tryna get it running, but for future reference, does anyone know if they're any parts on an mk2 that would fit an mk1? whether its headers, tranny's, camshafts distributor, injectors?? that would fit on an 8v 1.8? your advice is greatly apprectiated:K:
  7. mk1 (2?) rabbit

    I have found a 4 door rabbit with a 1.7L engine for $500. The owner says it runs well but has an idle problem. Needs an e-brake, ignition switch (it has a push button starter), and new door pins on the driver side. it is an '84 and says it has 198*** miles on it and from pictures does not...
  8. MK1 Golf G60 series 1 1979 supercharged

    Classified Archive
    MK1 Golf G60 series 1 1980 supercharged I am selling my MK1 Golf G60 series 1 1980. This is a genuine series 1 without the sunroof. Engine. The engine has had a full rebuild conversion in 2007. By Ballistic Power for more information please contact them on 01799586578. The current mileage...