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  1. 1984 Volkswagen Scirocco

    Well I found this cool 1984 Volkswagen Scirocco for sale on Craigslist near my area. I can been pretty much been rebuilt internally and has had lots of time and money put into it. I'm looking for a fun cheap project and this one really got my attention, but I don't know a whole ton about these...
  2. mk2 1.6dNA engine temp gauge/sensor problem

    Hi, Recently my 1989 1.6d NA golfs engine temperature gauge has been acting weird - sometimes working but sometimes dropping dead. I think it started after washing the engine, but I'm not 100% sure cuz I didn't spot the exact moment. I guess there are two possibilities, either the temp sensor...
  3. New forum member with a 1987 Jetta GLI

    So I am new to this particular forum, but not as much so to volkswagen, If you didn't see my first post in the introduction thread I'm Bryan, I live in Ohio and i'm a recent graduate. I have worked on and owned a Mk1 Mk2 and Mk3 Volkswagen over the past couple years, and absolutely love them...
  4. HELP ME DECIDE Vr6 or 2.0 in my 92 GTI build??

    So I have this 92 GTI sitting in the barn with a big hole were the engine should be. I have not done anything to it since I removed the engine several years ago. I have recently gained some serious vw motivation. I also have the front half of a 95 GTI 5 speed with 37k miles on it...
  5. Everyone will LOVE this video!!! Please watch it!

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Ok so Im not sure if it goes here, so if it belongs somewhere else let me know and I will move it or a mod can, anyways, watch it, comment on it, love it and have a great day!
  6. 91 vw jetta 1.8l

    Thinking about turbo charging this car.. I was told it has been bored and has a after market cam in it.. I just bought the car idk if its true. Anyways im thinking about putting a turbo on it.. any suggestions or info you could share with me?
  7. Need a Volk's Pro..

    Got on a Forum in my Place but nobody did answer a word.. So Here.. Got a 1991 GTI Mk2 ! Has a Swapped 2.0L from an Mk4 Jetta, got Mk4 Motor and Tranny ! Here's my Problem.. Got a Manual Transmission from a Mk4 using normally an Electronic Speedometer and the Current car has the Stock Cluster...
  8. Could use some knowledge

    I recently saw a red, two door hatch, mk2 vw golf gti 16v sitting on a car lot. I was wondering what years of mk2 gti's they put 16v engines in? Also, I was wondering how much this gti would sell for, it's in good-excellent condition with idk how many miles, we'll just go with 150,000. Any help...
  9. 91 GTI 8 valve engine shakes

    Just bought my second car tonight, 1991 VW golf gti 8 valve version. Took it for a test drive the other day and it sounded and drove great, engine is super clean and the guy who owned it is a mechanic and has replaced or rebuilt pretty much everything under the hood. Drove it home on the freeway...
  10. -Sacramento,ca-MK2 Jetta gl 1.8sohc california ed. grn 4dr

    For Sale - Vehicles
    -!!!NEW PICS!!!Sacramento,ca-MK2 Jetta gl 1.8sohc california ed. grn 4dr I have up for sale a 1991 jetta GL. it is a 1.8 sohc, has 213xxx, replaced head gasket, had the head polished.replaced all upper seals and cpl pulleys,and belts at the time of the head gasket replacement few months back...