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mk4 golf gti 1.8t

  1. Need help with OBD2 Port

    I have a 2003 mk4 gti 1.8t and I have been looking for my OBD2 port but I is not in the normal location( under the radio behind the plastic cover). I don’t know where else it would be I bought it from someone who had done some thing to the car before I bought it so if anyone have any ideas on...
  2. Upgrading to aftermarket stereo system, need help.

    Okay so I recently bought a 2002 volkswagen gti 1.8t. It has the monsoon audio system with stock amp in it, and I must say I have never heard worse quality in a car audio system before (there is almost no bass whatsoever). I don't know if it is damaged or what but its terrible. So I am planning...