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  1. ARP head bolts for the 2.8 24v vr6 mk4

    The r32 bolts are 10mm longer than the 2.8 bolts and i cant seem to find them anywhere anybody know where i could get them

    Recently bought a 12v vr6 that doesn’t move, goes into gear without clutch while running previous owner said he was driving it came up to a stop went to take off and it didn’t move any suggestions?
  3. 2000 golf 2.0 No dash lights or tail lights

    So I Dont know what to do I need a lot of help with this car. I don't have the lights that illuminate the speedometer ect but the check engine lights work ect so the fuses are good. For the tail lights they have brand new bulbs in and don't work my turn signals and brake lights work but no nigt...
  4. Mk4 Golf, rough idle and sucking in gunk

    Hey people, Just as soon as I've got rid of one car and got another, I've got a problem with it again! It's a mk4 Golf, 2001 1.6L 16v. 110K on the clock I bought it from a dealer just over a week ago and it was taken in part exchange so I got a fairly good deal on it. It looked in decent...
  5. To those of you who upsized your wheels:

    I have a 2001 VW Golf with stock 15x5.5 wheels... Will be going to 17x7.5... I was wondering if any of you guys who have upsized your MK4's have had any clearance problems. I will also be putting on 2" lowering springs... Wanted to know if you guys had to get spacers (which I would love to to...
  6. Need help on replacing ECM

    So Im replacing the ECM in my 2003 GTI. I can see it, i just cant get to it. It looks like Im going to have to remove the plastic piece below the windshield. I have already taken the wipers off but i cant figure out how to get that piece off to get to it? Anybody know how thsts done?
  7. MK4 Golf - 2.0 Auto - chronic cylinder misfire

    HELP! My MK4 Golf is suffering from chronic random cylinder misfire. Whenever there is a stronger rain storm and I start it, it runs really rough with CEL on. Then, a little later, the roughness is gone but the CEL is still on until reset. The last time I had it reset, it came back on a couple...
  8. Parts4Euro.com | *** VW Black Front Grille & Rear Trunk Emblem for MK4 Golf & GTI ***

    Parts4Euro.com | *** VW Black Front Grille & Rear Trunk Emblem for MK4 Golf & GTI *** OEM VW Black Front Grille Emblem for MK4 Golf & GTI PLEASE ORDER HERE VW Matte Black Rear Trunk Emblem (MK4 Golf only) PLEASE ORDER HERE