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  1. 2002!1.8t gti exhaust

    I’m looking to put an exhaust on my gti and was wondering what is should get, I was thinking either a catback or a just a cat less down pipe, I don’t have quite enough money for a turbo back. I was looking into a magnaflow catback for abt 520 and I might go with that but not 100%, what do you...
  2. Airbag Light due to seat belt sensor

    I have the airbag warning light and the dealer told me the problem was my driver's side seatbelt sensor ($400 to repair). I've read the several threads on this topic in this forum already but have a couple of questions in case anyone can help me. Does anyone know if there are two sensors in the...
  3. 2002 GTI VR6 Power Dump at 3k RPM

    My 2002 VW GTI VR6 started running a little rough before it was warmed up. Recently the "EPC" light has come on intermittently. Now I can't go over 2500-3000 rmp without total loss of power. Any Ideas? Suggestions? I've done a little reading is it my coil pack? Should I not be driving the car?
  4. MK4 GTI VR6 parts, and 1.8 parts

    For Sale - Parts
    MAKE ME AN OFFER ON THESE!!!! i have a stock dual mass flywheel and pressure plate for an mk4 vr6 24v. im not sure what other car is compatible. they are in perfect shape. flywheel $250obo and pressure plate $250 obo. if you want both $400 obo any questions please hit me up anytime...
  5. loose wires under seat

    hello wise dubbers. I bought my mk4 gti used and my drivers side seat heater has never worked. So I followed the steps here: heated seat work when they want - Page 2 - TDIClub Forums and found that one of the wires was disconnected. I repaired it and still no heat... I looked under the seat...