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  1. Fuel filter move to engine bay

    Hey everyone, I recently saw an old mk.1 and noticed the fuel filter actively pulsing the fuel in the engine bay! I know it is somewhere under the control arm in our mk.4. im creating this thread to see if anyone has experience in bringing that fuel filter up to the top of the bay maybe around...
  2. Car not starting..

    Hello, So I’ve been recently having an issue with my GTi (185kM) not starting.. it cranks, but doesn’t kick over. I’ve replaced the battery, Fuel pump (which does prime), the spark plugs, the air filter, to now changing the alternator. After changing everything I’ve now got a stored P1289...
  3. 04 gti shifter stuck

    As I was driving along one day the car just decided to refuse to even wiggle in neutral no first no second no fifth only gears it goes into are 3rd and 4th
  4. PLEASE HELP!! No power to car at all and clicking under dash!

    Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have an 04 GTI VR6 and i just put in a brand new battery. Car was perfect for 2 weeks, drove 300 miles yesterday! This morning i get in the car, turn the key, everything works as usual. Go to start the car, and everything goes black. I now have no...
  5. codes 17971- Quantity Adjuster N146 Lower limit Reached, 17571 and 17946?

    Greetings all! This will be my first post here so I suppose i should start off by saying that I have a VW Golf MK4 00-01 1.9 tdi with the engine code AGR. Long story short I chipped my car to stage 2 and things were working fine and the car ran smoothly for about half a year and then I felt...
  6. 03 jetta 1.8t help with engine codes

    Hey guys, Not sure if anyone has experience with this so I bought a 03 jetta 1.8t my buddy told me need to do the timing belt to be safe got it done ran and drove fine before and after it had a over retarded timing code but went away never came back only code that would keep coming back was the...
  7. Cold air intake

    Just bought a new mk4 gti vr6 and the check engine light is on the person i bought it off said it was because of the cold air intake so i am going to buy a new one but i was wondering what would be a good one to buy to add a little bit more power to the car
  8. 2002 GTI 337 Edition, 86k Miles, 100% Stock, Clean Title - Rare find!

    For Sale - Vehicles
    2002 GTI 337 Edition for sale - 86k miles. 100% stock. Located in Spokane, Washington. The 337 is a 1.8L Turbo with a 6 speed manual. (yes, SIX speed) Starting asking price at $8500, open to offers. I can provide a link to a large image gallery on request. I love this car and have treated it...
  9. FS: MK4 GTI Rear Euro Bumper w/Molded Rieger Apron

    For Sale - Parts
    As titled. I did the molding work myself and it took me many hours. Some small scratches, especially on the bottom. This is the exhaust-through version of the apron. The apron was glued and screwed on before bondo so it's very sturdy. Local pickup only in San Leandro. Asking $400 obo
  10. Exhaust for VW Jetta 2.0

    So my resonator is completely rotted out and my muffler is apparently gone too, according to my ex-mechanic. At this point, what I WANT to do is have someone weld on one of those magnaflow mufflers and some pipe/another magnaflow where the res is because they cost very little on amazon.ca...
  11. Stumped by electrical issue

    Hi all, All of a sudden all of my interior lights have failed to work either by switch or by having a door open. They all come on when I release the hatch though. I can't quite figure it out. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!!
  12. WTB:rear ashtray and end caps black mk4

    For Sale - Parts
    looking a black ash tray with the 2 end caps in black for a mk4 text oe call 2523084416
  13. MK4 R-line bodykit back plate thingy

    Hello, i have the R-line bodykit for Golf MK4, but i lost the back plate thingy on the rear bumper: It looks likt this: I am wondering where i can buy a new back plante thing or what it is called.
  14. Would these tires and rims fit my golf gti 2003?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi!:) I planing on buying new tires and rims for my daily driven Golf mk4 gti. Its a 2003 2dr model and the engine is a 1.8T. And i wonder if these would fit?: 2 pair is 205/45-17 and the other pair is 235/40-17. Both tires is 8" wide and ET35. But what i am most concerned about is that it...
  15. Angel Eyes/Devil Eyes on Golf MK4?

    Angel Eyes, where to buy? Hello. Where can i buy these headlights:
  16. I need audio help

    I've been looking around trying to find the answer but with no luck. I have a 2000 Golf with the stock monsoon amp. I want to install a new amp but don't know what I need to do with the wire harness in the monsoon amp. Running a power wire and control wire is no problem.
  17. Help, I need wheel studs

    I've got a MK4 golf and I have a set of 25mm adapters I want to run. I just can't find studs that sit below the adapters. Any suggestions?
  18. best size wheels?

    I currently have 15s on my jetta and I'm thinking about getting 17s with new tires. If I get 17s, what measurements are best? I looked into motegis, xxrs, and rotiforms, and there are so many combinations, like 17×7, 17x8, etc. I was wondering if the different measures made the ride feel any...
  19. Jetta won't start

    Yesterday I came out of a gas station and my 2001 jetta would not start. All the lights came on, windows worked but would not turn over. Long story short, I was able to jump start it and get it home. I picked up a new starter on my way home assuming that was the problem. Before I changed it...
  20. 2002 GTi 1.8T Top end rebuild help

    Hey guys, I am wanting to rebuild the upper end with performance parts to prepare for a much larger Turbo, but I am at a loss as to what I should get or what I need. I want to do a complete rebuild and have been looking for kits with everything you need but I can't seem to find anything other...