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  1. MK4
    Hi everyone, I have a question. Sorry if the thing that I ask had been already discussed here before, but i just could not find information about it. I am a owner of VW golf mk4 with an 1.8T engine. The car is absolutely stock (150hp, with KO3s turbocharger, the engine code is AUM and the year...
  2. MK4
    hello everyone so i was wonder what everything i would need for a mk4 jetta to a golf headlight conversion i know id need the fenders, hood, grill, and bumper is there anything else i would be needing that i forgot.
  3. MK4
    Hey all, I got an ‘03 1.8t and I can’t figure out why it’s not starting. I’ve tried jumping it and also disconnecting the battery. It sounds like it wants to the engine is starting to turn over but the rpms won’t jump and get the car to idle. Any suggestions??
  4. MK4
    Hello! I'm new to the VW world & I just bought myself a mk4 GTI 1.8t (1999) very cheap - I have photos of the interior, which to my eye looks to have a different styling to the standard models, with a walnut detail throughout (notice the gear stick). Is this something that would have come with...
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  6. MK4
    So I have a 2001 vw golf gti 1.8t, I recently replaced the cam sensor car was running better, and everything. I parked it n the next morning came out for work, now it cranks but I have no spark or fuel. The fuses and relays all checked out to be fine. I replaced the crank position sensor and...
  7. MK4
    2003 GTI VR6 24V Hello all, I am new to the forum and was hoping to get help with something I experienced. While driving I had the error message "alternator workshop" flash up briefly followed by the battery symbol on my dash appearing and a loss in power steering. I was driving under normal...
  8. MK4
    I have a 2000 Jetta tdi 5 speed that I’m having issues with. I bought it with no injectors so I put injectors in it yesterday. I bled the pump with a vacuum pump then went to bleed the injectors by turning it over. Had jumper cables on it bc battery was shot but it was still barely turning over...
  9. MK4
    Hi all, I've got a 2004 1.4L 16v BCU engine and it starts fine when its cold but then after even a short drive when I turn it off and on again it starts to do serious hunting. It sometimes idles as low as 400RPM and stalls. There are no problems when starting to drive and has no issue with...
  10. MK4
    Hi, I have a 2004 GTI VR6 and I haven't driven the car for about a year now. I recently have been trying to diagnose the car and the last time I drove it before it broke down there was a severe coolant leak; however, I couldn't see it because my hood latch was broken. The cause of the leak ended...
  11. MK4
    A few weeks ago my A/C system quit working on me in my '04 Jetta TDI so I replaced mostly the whole system (everything minus the compressor) meaning that I had to pull the dash out and pull everything out of the car. After putting everything back together and connecting everything back up...
  12. MK4
    hey guys I have a mk4 tdi 130 hp I will open the engine I will change the valves and I was thinking of opening more inputs and outputs of the engine and manifolds for more hp. There may be problems if we do
  13. MK4
    hey guys I have a mk4 tdi 130 hp I will open the engine I will change the valves and I was thinking of opening more inputs and outputs of the engine and manifolds for more hp. There may be problems if we do
  14. MK4
    Hey everyone I’ve got a 2002 gti 1.8t That has a unitronic stage 2 tune. Not sure on the engine miles but compression is a little low at 140-150 on all cylinders . The car runs fine once it’s started once I start accelerating I have very little power and it seems as if I’m building no boost at...
  15. MK4
    I have 2 mk4 jettas both are 2.0’s. One is clean rust free with a bad motor and auto trans, and one is beat up but has a good motor and manual trans, I’m trying to put the manual motor and trans into the auto body. What else would I need to do ?
  16. MK4
    Hey everyone, I recently saw an old mk.1 and noticed the fuel filter actively pulsing the fuel in the engine bay! I know it is somewhere under the control arm in our mk.4. im creating this thread to see if anyone has experience in bringing that fuel filter up to the top of the bay maybe around...
  17. MK4
    Hello, So I’ve been recently having an issue with my GTi (185kM) not starting.. it cranks, but doesn’t kick over. I’ve replaced the battery, Fuel pump (which does prime), the spark plugs, the air filter, to now changing the alternator. After changing everything I’ve now got a stored P1289...
  18. MK4
    As I was driving along one day the car just decided to refuse to even wiggle in neutral no first no second no fifth only gears it goes into are 3rd and 4th
  19. MK4
    Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have an 04 GTI VR6 and i just put in a brand new battery. Car was perfect for 2 weeks, drove 300 miles yesterday! This morning i get in the car, turn the key, everything works as usual. Go to start the car, and everything goes black. I now have no...
  20. MK4
    Greetings all! This will be my first post here so I suppose i should start off by saying that I have a VW Golf MK4 00-01 1.9 tdi with the engine code AGR. Long story short I chipped my car to stage 2 and things were working fine and the car ran smoothly for about half a year and then I felt...
1-20 of 77 Results