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  1. MK6
    Hi, i have a mk6 2010 gasoline 1.6 105hp and my problem is in my dashboard ,can you help me because the bip bip sound hand brake is inssuportable 😭😭😭 ps : the video down below
  2. New Member Introductions
    hi everyone. Im looking at purchasing a MK6 or MK7 Golf. I need help picking a good engine. Which ones are the most reliable one? Is there a massive difference between the gas and diesel version? And lastly what problems should I expect down the line?? Im planning on getting one in the next 2...
  3. MK6
    Hey all! new to owning a VW, and brand new to the tuning community. Im looking to start a build but I have no clue where to begin. looking to end up in the 500-600 HP range. my Golf currently already has a 3' downpipe, black cat exhaust, air ride suspension, and a cold air intake. need...
  4. MK6
    Recently, I have changed all my bulbs to LEDs on my car. My car was originally shipped with halogen bulbs. 9006 in the fog, H15 in high beams and H7 in low beams, all made by Lasfit. The bulb error light light up on the dashboard, I was told that its because I need a cambus error decoder, so I...
  5. Parts4Euro.com
    Jetex 3 Inch Stainless Catback Exhaust for MK6 GTI PLEASE ORDER HERE Jetex Full Cat-Back System for Golf R PLEASE ORDER HERE Jetex Back Box for MK5, MK6 Golf & 8P A3 TDI PLEASE ORDER HERE
  6. Parts4Euro.com
    Parts4Euro.com | Exterior Items MK6 Golf & GTI Badgeless Grille, Eyelids & Body Kits NEW ITEM!! V-Style Front Bumper Lip Spoilerfor MK6 Golf PLEASE ORDER HERE NEW ITEM!! Votex Style Rear Bumper Lip for MK6 Golf PLEASE ORDER HERE NEW ITEM!! MK6 GTI Honeycomb Front Grille PLEASE...
1-6 of 6 Results