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mk6 headlights

  1. MK6
    Recently, I have changed all my bulbs to LEDs on my car. My car was originally shipped with halogen bulbs. 9006 in the fog, H15 in high beams and H7 in low beams, all made by Lasfit. The bulb error light light up on the dashboard, I was told that its because I need a cambus error decoder, so I...
  2. Parts4Euro.com
    DEPO & HELIX S5 Style Projector Headlights & LED Tail lights for MK6 Golf & GTI NEW ITEM!! R8 Style Bi-Xenon LED Strip Chrome Projector Headlights for MK6 Golf, GTI & MK5 JSW (Facelift) PLEASE ORDER HERE NEW ITEM!! S5 Style LED Smoked / Black Projector Headlights for MK6 Golf, GTI & MK5...