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  1. DIY - How to remove interior trim MK6 jetta

    Dubn please add to diy sticky thread.
  2. DIY - How to service MK6 6spd manual transmission

    Dubn please add to the diy sticky section :)
  3. GOLF R doing 13s and below Drag Racing

    Hey Guys, On my recent captures I have found this lovey Tuned Golf R doing quarter mile in 13 and below check out those links: Range Rover VS Golf R - YouTube GOLF R(Tuned) VS A45 AMG - YouTube You can follow us on instagram for more photos and info. Let me know what you think!
  4. Fs: mk5 mk6 parts need to sell

    For Sale - Parts
    looking to
  5. fs front sway bar

    For Sale - Parts
    fs rims nooooo
  6. Apr s3 ko4

    So I have the K04 sitting in my garage waiting to be installed and I know I have to take it in to get my ECU flashed, but does anyone have any recommendations/ suggestions/ opinions on whether I should pay 1K to have someone intall it? or does someone have a step-by-step list on how to DIY with...