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  1. MK6
    I have a 2013 Jetta tdi that the slave cylinder went out on. I pulled the trans and replaced the clutch, slave cylinder and even the master cylinder. This is a bone stock Jetta and replaced everything with replacement parts from rock auto (im cheap). Put everything back together and the clutch...
  2. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hey, ive got 2 mk6 golf r seats which i eant to put in my mk5 golf. However i they are electrical and my mk5 only has seat heating and manual seats... anyone now how to wire up mk6 r seats? the plugs look to be the same. Or does anyone of a wiring diagram to mk6 seats? tnx
  3. MK6
    I have a noise coming from my engine bay , sounds like metal on metal grinding/ rubbing not consistent, almost sounds like your running a screw driver along a radiator , noise is present during idle and moving Just got a new flywheel , clutch , slave cylinder and front left bearing , these are...
  4. MK6
    Hi guys! I hear this sound sometimes or even every time, i dont know, when i open my car after a cold night, can someone tell me what is it? Vw golf 122 vi 2009 1.4 122 It from 8th and 12th secomd in the video lile a tractor sounds, i ve put the video on youtube because i can not post it here...
  5. MK6
    Hello all, I’m new to this place! Had a GTI MK4 in the old days and just got my R MK6, i was hoping to listen to other owners what are the must have upgrades, good to have and what to avoid (with respective brand/product recommendations if possible) :) My thought is to go stage 2+ max, exu...
  6. For Sale - Parts
    Up for sale is my Full Airlift suspension set up. Everything is in working order and there is no leaks. Airlift Performance bags front and rear bag riders rear shocks 3/8 v2 management air tank viair compressor will fit mk5 / mk6 / b6 / b7 / CC selling to fund my e36 project, no...
    $1,600 USD
  7. MK6
    I have a 2016 Jetta 1.8 automatic 130k miles that when the engine bogs down at low rpm the Epc light comes on. When going up a hill if I make the car downshift the light won’t come on. When the car bogs down I also hear a noise that sounds light valve clatter. When I turn the car off the Epc...
  8. MK6
    Hi all. My girlfriends golf had an oil leak that I suspected to be from the front crank seal. I took the harmonic balancer off to replace the seal and realised that the seal isn't leaking so I now think it is the timing cover gasket. When I went to put the harmonic balancer back on, I noticed...
  9. MK6
    So I have asked around a few places and it doesn’t seem like anybody can give Me 100% straight answer I have a 2010 CBFA 2.0 TSI. The dude that owned the car before me said that he did the timing when he did not my bad for not checking but that’s besides the point, timing jumped and destroyed my...
  10. For Sale - Vehicles
    -101,000 miles -auto transmission -two original keys -refinished original rims -new Pirelli low profile tires -winter tires (Falken) and VW rims -intake manifold changed at 85,000 miles -water pump changed at 99,000 miles -no accidents -original / only owner -sunroof -tiptronic manual mode &...
  11. Wheels & Tires
    It comes stock on 195/65/15 can I change those to bigger tires like 225/46/17s? Or can I put 195/50/15/s any one have suggestions?
  12. MK6
    Hi, So I have a Jetta GLI and the other day I found this on my main seal, so I’m just wondering if it’s something to worry about o it’s normal, it has 27,000 miles.
  13. For Sale - Vehicles
    2013 Jetta GLI Autobahn Edition 6 Speed Manual (Fully Loaded). The car has 176000 KM on the body, 98000 KM on the engine (engine was replaced when I bought the car, can provide paperwork) will continue to go up as it is my daily. All maintenance was done by Andre at Eco Wagens in New Market...
  14. MK6
    So I recently got into an accident.. long story short I didn’t have the right insurance coverage so now I’m paying for my repairs fully, I can find like 99% of my replacement parts online. But I cannot figure out what this part is called for the life of me. It’s where the hood closes, above...
  15. MK6
    Hey all! new to owning a VW, and brand new to the tuning community. Im looking to start a build but I have no clue where to begin. looking to end up in the 500-600 HP range. my Golf currently already has a 3' downpipe, black cat exhaust, air ride suspension, and a cold air intake. need...
  16. MK6
    Dubn please add to the diy sticky section :)
  17. MK6
    Hey Guys, On my recent captures I have found this lovey Tuned Golf R doing quarter mile in 13 and below check out those links: Range Rover VS Golf R - YouTube GOLF R(Tuned) VS A45 AMG - YouTube You can follow us on instagram for more photos and info. Let me know what you think!
  18. For Sale - Parts
    fs rims nooooo
1-20 of 21 Results