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  1. MK7
    Does anyone know if there are any companies that have an off the shelf emissions ready tune for the mk7 GTI? I have a catalytic converter still, but i believe a couple sensors are disabled that could fail emissions on my current tune
  2. Member Rides
    Can it be summer again. These are still my all time favorite wheels, mostly because of the diamond blue powder.
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! I new to forums. I work at Burnsville VW Sales for the last year and a half. Previously worked Service for about 9yrs. I have a 2018 GTI MK7.5, MK5 R32, and a 22' Atlas Crossport VR6 SEL R-Line. The GTI is pretty much done for what I wanted to do. It has a Garrett GT2260s, tuned by...
  4. MK7
    Hello can anyone help me i have a Golf Mk7 2014. I did try some new stuff on obdeleven. But now when I try to open the Doors with my regular keyfob from a distance i press the button nothing happens i have to stay exactly beside the car to open the car almost 1 foot from the windows of the car...
  5. For Sale - Vehicles
    mk7 golf Apr stage 2 tuned Apr trans control unit tune Apr high flow catted downpipe Apr carbon intake / turbo inlet Turbo muffler delete Turbo smart bov Apr catch can Ecs front mount intercooler w/ upgraded charge piping Air lift suspension Carbon / Alcantara steering wheel Headliner has...
    $1 USD
  6. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hey all so I have a mk7 golf TDi on Classic Raceland coilovers . My front is almost maxed out and perfect height not even a finger can fit in fender to tire. However the rear is maxed out. Sometimes the driver side is lower and is 1 finger gap, and the passenger will be almost 2 . Then sometimes...
  7. MK7
    Hello guys, I have VW Golf 7 2.0tdi with bi-xenon headlights and auto function on my lever. I want to know, is there any option, when the car is running on sunny day and my DRL's are ON, rear lights are ON too, but i want to be only from DRL's ON ? When its sunny day DRL's front/rear and...
  8. MK7
    Thought I would post asking if anyone knows how to swap from the water cooled system to an air cooled system.
  9. Wheels & Tires
    For sale 5 each Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 wheels with tires taken off my 2015 MKVII Golf R. Great for street or the track. Same wheels as used by VW Racing and many spec Miata’s for their durability and light weight. Super rare and hard to find in this size, offset and color. These are an...
  10. MK7
    There is no doubt that in the past few years we have seen the rapid growth of Volkswagen sales. Golf stands for compactness, fuel economy and German craftsmanship. Particularly attractive is Volkswagen’s turbocharged engine, which can achieve up to 20% HP revenue through simple ECU tunes...
  11. MK7
    Hey all, did anyone replace the turbo to vw golf mk7.5 1.4tsi ACT (150hp/110kw) with czda engine code with an IS12 from 1.8t engine of vw polo Hey all, did anyone replace the turbo to vw golf mk7.5 1.4tsi ACT with czda engine code with an IS12 from 1.8t engine of vw polo gti? Thank you?? Thank you
1-11 of 13 Results