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mkiv jetta

  1. A/C issue

    I have a 03 jetta with a 1.8 and the A/C hasn't worked since I bought the car. When you press the A/C button the compressor doesn't kick on but the idle drops intermittently. The fans do not turn on when I press the button but they turn on if the car gets to hot. I recently had the system looked...
  2. swap question

    right now i own a 2.8l vr6 jetta mk4 glx (damn thats a mouthful) and i have been wondering and pondering what it would take to drop in 3.6l vr6 into the jetta and still meet massachusetts state emissions standards at the same time... if anyone out there knows anything i'd like to hear it. and...
  3. WTB set of 4 wheels for MKIV

    WTB/WTT Section
    Would like a set of wheels so I have 2 sets, one for summer one for winter. In alaska though. Could be with or without tread. Would prefer 225/60r16. Kinda need 16in rims though. I've got some winter tires already for 16, just need rims. Offering $200 or so. Let's make a deal.
  4. Raxles vs OEM Axles

    I have a 2000 Jetta and plan on getting coils (ultimos) in the spring and want to know if I should just change out the existing axles with OEM or raxles or just wait until they break. Seems like once I am lowered it's just a matter of time before they will break, is this correct?