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  1. Ecu question

    Anyone know what the green dot in the front of my 1.8ts ecu means?
  2. 2003 Jetta 1.8T

    Hey everyone, just needed a bit of help identifying the spec of my car. Gl, gli, idk? Lol no door, trunk or engine bay plates or stickers indicating anything. It has the AWP 1.8T, base cloth seats (previous owner said he bought them to replace old recaros he had installed.) It originally had...
  3. MKIV VR6 Turbo cooling issue

    I've the read the common cooling suggestions, let me bring you up to date on this build: MKIV VR6 turbo, heater core bypassed due to leak. I bought the car 6 months ago, ran well with the exception of a needed updated tune, last month it over heated, the fans stopped working. I read the forums...
  4. FS - 2003 Jetta

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Just in time for Christmas!! Great gas mileage and a great car!! I bought a new car and now looking to sell my baby. 2003 Jetta 2.0, Tornado Red, 128k miles ... new battery, new back brakes, newer tires (over the summer), located in Philly Asking 4,000! Car currently has Lojack installed...
  5. Battery Drain and Door Lock Problem Solved!

    Hi there fellow VW enthusiasts! I recently acquired a pretty nice 2000 GTI with a tuned and souped up VR6. I bought it knowing that it had a battery drain problem, but had no clue as to what was going on. I tried pulling fuses and checking relays and checking for lights that were still on, but...
  6. FS mkIV (1999-2005) 2.0 Timing Belt SUPER kit : waterpump w/METAL impeller,serp belt+

    For Sale - Parts
    SOLD! Thanks for your help! -Eric
  7. ECS Stage 3 suspension refresh kit (new)

    For Sale - Parts
    I have a new in box MKIV stage 3 suspension refresh kit from ECS for sale. Purchased on 06/07/12 and never used. This item retails for $229.95+shipping. I am asking $180+shipping via USPS Item located in Minneapolis, MN, local delivery preferred but will ship. Item link on ECS...
  8. MKIV axles & spindles DIY

    Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any damage or injury that may occur as a result of the use of this DIY. Please read all steps carefully, and if you feel that the following is beyond your mechanical ability please consult a qualified VW mechanic / technician to handle your repairs...
  9. 190 degrees at cold start?

    I have a 01 VW golf 1.8t 5 speed. The temp needle has been going straight from "0" to 190 right at start. It will raise as it would if it were at "0" up 190 but goes from 190 to 260 with the fans running(three beeps and flashing temp light). The engines actual temp is not warm at all only usual...
  10. MKIII Switchblade Key

    So, I hope I'm not alone in my envy of MKIV drivers and their switchblade style keys. I'm interested in somehow converting my key from the standard style to a switchblade style. After about 3.5 hours of research, it's still a bit fuzzy to me. So I figure I'd start a new thread to consolidate...
  11. New wheels and tires today

    i got it all done today new huff reps and hancook z rated tires car is really dirty now all i need is coils ....well not ALL i need
  12. wheel selection opinion

    I am holding back money from each paycheck so that I can get something big and I think I might get wheels for my jetta. I am just experimenting but what do you guys think of this combination? Orange and green aren't bad compliments but is it too much?