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  1. 2002!1.8t gti exhaust

    I’m looking to put an exhaust on my gti and was wondering what is should get, I was thinking either a catback or a just a cat less down pipe, I don’t have quite enough money for a turbo back. I was looking into a magnaflow catback for abt 520 and I might go with that but not 100%, what do you...
  2. My mk4 GTi, let me know what you think

    This is my first post here. Here's a little about my car; 2003 mk4 GTI 24v VR6 Mods: engine/performance: Full magnaflow exhaust system with a cat delete and aftermarket muffler P-Flow intake ECU reflash Suspension: Rokkor coilovers lowered 2" from the ground Audio/electronics: Double Din...
  3. 1.8T project help!!

    hey everyone, i have a 02 jetta 1.8T (automatic sadly) and im looking to make it my project car along with having it as my daily car. i have been looking into some mod but idk where to start. first off is it even a good idea to mod a automatic? what down sides would i face as compared to a...
  4. A crazy question about the rear wiper

    Has anyone ever modded his rear wiper to have *speeds* (i.e. fast/slow)? How about just speeding it up? On some days (like today) I can't see shit in the rear and the wiper doesn't go fast enough.
  5. Ways to increase power, also advice on installing gauges

    I have a 1997 Jetta VR6 5spd, i wanna give it some more power but im not sure what would be the best single purchase for under $700(ECU instead of exhaust, vice versa, cold air intake)??? I also just went over 200,000 miles and want to know if there are certain mods i should avoid due to my...
  6. Ultimate Engine Mod

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Not sure how many of you are familiar with this technique of Water Transfer Printing. Was looking at this website today and thought some of you would dig it. Alsa Corp | Water Transfer Printing by the way, I have no affiliation with this company or opinion about how good it is. I'm so broke...
  7. chip and tune or front mount

    hey guys, i just got around 800$ and im wondering what i should do first, bring my gti1.8t down to apr to get the notorious ecu upgrade or go with the eurosport fmic? what will do me the best? or any other suggestions as to upgrades? for the money? that would do the best for performance? all i...