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  1. VW OEM Soundsystem

    First of all HELLO 2 ALL, as I'm new here and secondly, if I posted in the wrong section please (admin) move the thread. I searched the internet for some information about the VW 3B Passat (mine is a 2000 European model) OEM Soundsystem, but didn't find too much info. Basically I want to put in...
  2. Monsoon Q

    I have a 02 4 door golf gls with a double din monsoon sound system. and i have been reading all the threads about people changing out there stereos for new aftermarket ones. Theres currently nothing wrong with mine besides a few knobs missings from the bas/treble/mid. Ive heard that replacing...
  3. upgrade the Monsoon sound system?

    hey, i've got the stock monsoon sound system in my '04 golf, and i'm looking for thoughts on how good of quality it is. the rear driver side door speaker is out (i've seen this problem other places in the forum) and i'm looking into replacing some speakers (maybe the receiver too) because of it...