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no spark

  1. crank no start

    Nedeas I am not a mechanic, so that said I will do my best to describe my issues. I have a 93 Jetta with a 2.0.the car has been sitting for 5 years. I flush the fluids and tried to fire it but no success. I am getting no spark at the plugs. I have no ground signal coming from the computer to...
  2. 98 VW Golf 2.0L-No Spark

    I have a no start, with a no spark condition verified by a spark tester on this car. I'm unfamiliar with the ignition system on this car but by the looks of it, the ICM is part of the ignition coil, and is switched by the hall effect sensor in the distributor. I verified 12v on the 3 wire...
  3. Engine died while driving: 1997 VW Golf 2.0 (Gas)

    Hello, I'm hoping for suggestions on what could be wrong with my 1997 VW Golf. It has the 2.0 gasoline 4 cylinder engine. The car stalled out while I was exiting off the freeway at about 40mph and will not restart, even weeks after. The car turns over fine just like it always has and it has...