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  1. Lowered 2007 Beetle

    New Member Introductions
    I just lowered my bug about 3" I have a noise that sounds like worn out break pads when i accel coming from front passenger side. Im not seeing anything out of norm when I pulled the wheel. Any help would be great. Thank you
  2. Rattle squeak noise

    Can anyone help me pinpoint the source if this sound? It only happens on deceleration around 1500 rpms.. Someone said its the harmonic balancer, another person said its the timing cover, another said frog. ???
  3. Transmission Noise 1st gear 01 GTI VR6

    Hey guys, I'm experiencing problems with what I believe is from my transmission. On neutral not with the clutch pressed just shift stick in the middle, there is that clunking noise from under the hood... can't pin point where from. I can feel it in the stick. But it stops as soon as I press...
  4. 1997 Jetta rattle under the car

    Well my Jetta has always made a weird noise under the car. I'm pretty positive it is the heat shield that is doing that. Every time I hit 3,000 RPM it makes that noise, so it's harmonic for sure. Today another noise showed up under the car, this time it makes the noise when I'm in 1st gear and...
  5. Overheating, Low Oil Pressure, Anger

    First off I want to thank you for reading this, and any and all suggestions are appreciated. I will try to keep it short, but I need to explain my problems and what I've tried thus far. 2001 VW Beetle AWV, 175k, K04, Exhaust, APR Div, ARP Headstuds, APR Tuning, Samco? silcone piping. Had FMIC...
  6. What is this noise???

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    So, I just got the flex pipes replaced and now I have this whistling noise. Before I had the flex pipes done I had terrible gas milage (15-20mpg) and the car sounded like a truck with little power. Now, I have the power back but the same gas mileage. Here is a youtube link of my car running. I...
  7. Noises and Leaks?

    So I have an 02 1.8t Jetta and I've been having some weird sounds when I drive. Basically, when im accelerating and the car goes over 2,000 rpms, I hear a weird high pitched sound that goes away once I lay off the gas. At first, I freaked out because I thought it might be the "drill sound of...
  8. "Owl" like noise when changing from 2nd to 3rd gear

    Hi everyone I would be grateful if anyone could help me. Whenever I change gears from 2nd to 3rd (and also from 3rd to 4th) there is an "owl" woo noise - its not really loud, but it is noticable when the cd player is off..as soon as I get my foot off the clutch and the gear is changed, the...
  9. Polo 2010 Power Steering Noise & Squeaking

    I've got the new version Polo 1.2 SE and in the last few months it has developed power steering noise (what sounds to me like the motor humming loudly) when turning the wheels at low speed. There is also a squeaking noise that seems to come when braking, pulling away, hitting bumps, that goes...
  10. High pitch noise from engine area

    I have a high pitch noise coming from my 01 1.8T jetta engine area. My gel-cell battery died after a few months of installing it. I had it replaced and when I turn the key to "on" position I get a high pitch noise coming from the engine area. I also noticed since this started happening, my car...
  11. 2008 R32 - intermittent squeaking noise from the rear

    Hi everyone, For more than a year, every morning I hear this squeaking-quacking-pumping noise from the rear of my 2008 R32. The car is 100% stock, no mods, with 20K miles on it. The squeaking-quacking-pumping noise comes on with 90% regularity when the engine is still cold and I just started...
  12. VR6 2001 GLX. is this noise the intake shifter rod?

    please let me know what you think it is
  13. Clutch rattles when clutch is pressed

    Hello everyone,I was just wondering if someone can help me.I have a 2003 jetta and just recently when i press in on the clutch at idle it has a bad rattle but it goes away when i take my foot off of the clutch.Any ideas anyone?Thanks
  14. Engine Roar and smoking!!! please please help!

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Someone please help. I have a '99 Beetle 2.0L 5spd. The cat went so I'm replacing it this week. All of a sudden the car begins to smoke out of the exhaust when sitting for a couple minutes (smells like oil) and the motor is making a horrible roaring/grinding noise. I don't know what it is...
  15. turbo whistle sound when driving

    I have a 2002 Jetta 1.8t GLS, 5 speed and its making the whistle noise when I am driving from very low rpms (~1000). Right now the car has no power and another weird noise in high rpms. It only happen when I am in gear. If I push the clutch in and press the gas, the turbo whistle sound comes in...
  16. Mk5 2004 golf fsi vibration and rough idle

    Hi Guys, I have a mk 5 2004 1.6 Golf FSI that has done 65000. Recently there has been an exhaust like vibrating noise which sounds like its coming from the gearbox when driven from cold. This almost goes when it reaches operating temperature. The idle is extremeley rough at all...
  17. I want some opinions!

    I am looking at the LED projector headlights on esctuning.com, i am trying to figure out if they would look good on my black 06 Jetta?! i really like the styling but i want to know what others think as well.. Also, i was wondering what sort of bulbs should i put in them, i new to projector style...
  18. Vibration/Resonance between 65 and 75 mph

    My 2010 VW GTI (2 dr MT) makes a weird vibration/resonance noise between 65 and 75 mph speeds. The vibrations can be felt through the pedals (accelerator, clutch). The noise/vibration goes away after 75. It is clear/loudest at 70 irrespective of whether accelerating through or coming down to 70...
  19. Bouncy ride in 2010 Jetta SE

    Hello, everyone. It's been a few months since I got me a brand new 2010 Jetta SE. I love practically everything about it ... but ... it seems to give me a very bouncy ride. Even taking a curve with a bump makes me lose grip (which is dangerous) and a freeway with ups and downs makes the car...
  20. Need Some GLI Help

    Hey guys, need your help. I just bought a GLI and pretty much things are going well but when I back up, I'm hearing a moan from the rear of the car. I had the brakes looked at and they didn't see anything and the pads still have 8/32nds. It's only when the car goes in reverse. Any ideas? Thanks!