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not starting

  1. 93 Golf Was Bogging Now Not Starting

    I have a 1993 MK3 that I just bought about two weeks ago. I have a wide range of knowledge of cars but am completely new to VWs so I'm a tad lost. I know my o2 sensor needs to be replaced. The car was bogging really bad at low RPMs. I cleaned the master air flow sensor and that helped bring...
  2. Not Starting.

    It turns over and everything just fine but just doesn't start. I checked a bunch of things and found that there wasn't 12volts going to the ICM and if I s jimmy rig it by applying the 12 volts to if from the battery it starts and runs just fine as long as i continue to apply the voltage, I think...
  3. 2001 Polo not starting

    I have just taken the emmence challenge of getting my girlfriends polo back on the road after it has sat about for 6 months as shes been travelling. I've replaced the battery and the only thing that happens is it clicks once and thats it. I have Vagcom and code read it and this fault has...
  4. starting / ignition problem with mk3 golf

    my golf used to just ramdomly stall while driving and take a while to start up again. it been doing it for a few months, then i went away on holiday for 2 weeks so didnt drive my car, when i came back it started first time but shut off right away and i cannot start it again. i have just changed...