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o2 sensor

  1. '03 Jetta - Purchased with some issues

    Just picked up a (new to me) Jetta as a commuter car for my wife. In checking it over, I have found a few things needing attention. I'll list them with my limited understanding. Any expounding by other members would be greatly appreciated. First, the brake pad wear indicator light was on when...
  2. New Bank 1 O2 Sensor Keeps Throwing Code - Please Help!

    I have the OEM Bosal exhaust on my 96 Golf GL with about 27k miles on it (163k on the car). I replaced the Bank 2 sensor with a Bosch right when I got the exhaust installed, and about 10k miles ago it threw the code for Bank 1. I took a while to replace the O2 sensor in bank 1. I recently got a...
  3. Question on Cat replacement on GTI

    Hi, I am going to put a new catylitic converter on my 2003 GTI with the 1.8 turbo. Once I put the new one on, and replace the O2 sensors, will the light on the dash go out automatically, or does it need to be reset. If it needs to be reset, does it have to be done at the dealer??