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oil change

  1. vw noob oil change

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    i have a 2005 vw jetta gli 1.8t and was wondering what oil i need for my oil change. ive only had the car for a couple months and dont know much about it yet.
  2. 2005 Beatle Oil Change

    New Beetle
    I spent four Hours doing an oil change on my new girlfriends 05 NB because of the design of the skid pan and design of the drain plug. Jeez, After locating a short T-40 and disassembling the skid pan then getting the plug out finally, there is the mess of the oil all over the skid pan. I had the...
  3. Oil light keeps turning on!

    I've had a 03 jetta 1.8t for almost a month now and the oil light has been turning on over and over again. I changed the oil and the sensor but nothing affected it. Any idea what it could be?