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  1. oil in coolant fluid – oil cooler ?

    Hi! My car: VW Passat B5 (1.9TDi AJM 85kW 1999) My problem: oil in coolant fluid Possible causes: -head of the engine (head gasket was changed recently) -oil cooler Any other possibilities? So I detach oil cooler from the cooling system and clean coolant fluid. After few days I clean...
  2. Oil Cooler, Intake Manifolds on eBay

    For Sale - Parts
    Oil Cooler Part Number: 021 117 021 B VW Oil Cooler : eBay Motors (item 190365231487 end time Jan-21-10 13:12:15 PST) Intake Manifolds Part Numbers: 113 129 709 J and 113 129 710 E VW Intake Manifolds : eBay Motors (item 190366738298 end time Jan-26-10 17:21:42 PST)