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oil leak

  1. Small oil leak - 1.8T

    Hi, Have a very small oil (synthetic Castrol 5W40) leak in a Jetta Wagon, 1.8T. Any suggestions for an additive that would plug things up? Thanks, Andor
  2. 2001 Jetta 1.8t half moon cam seal help!

    I need to replace the half moon cam seal on the back of the engine (right side). I know about getting the valve cover off and all the basic stuff. I've watched some not very good videos on you tube. I'm looking for a good video on this if anyone knows of a good one. Please answer thes questions...
  3. 2001 Passatt GLX VR6 oil leak and radio issues

    I have a 2001 Passatt GLX VR6 with 120001 miles on and it is leaking oil. From what I can see, it looks like the oil pan is leaking. Does anyone have experience with repairing an oil leak and how did you diagnose it? Regarding the radio, only about 6 stations come in with low reception. Is...
  4. Sink Hole in Vr6 Oil Pan

    After lots of traveling, I finally got the time to change out my busted oil pan. Completely easy change out (love me a tranverse motor), got a new OEM one on Ebay for 80 bucks (versus 170 from a parts house). Dent was pretty bad -even the oil pickup was dented slightly. Cleaned and Tighten up...
  5. My GLI just broke down! Please advise.

    I was accelerating on the highway and all of a sudden there was smoke everywhere. My car completely loss power. I came to a stop. Oil is dripping under the car. There's oil in the back of the engine bay. What happened? How screwed am I?
  6. oil on spark plugs, valve cover change?

    i have a v6 passat and recently had a cylinder misfire so i changed all of my sparks plugs. some were bad some had oil on them. obviously meaning an oil leak. was told it might be the valve cover gasket. the worst case scenario would be the piston rings. checked with auto zone, a set of gaskets...