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oxygen sensor

  1. 2001 golf don't know what's wrong

    Don't know what's going on really. Just replaced heat bank sensor 1 after check engine was on and had it coded, after it being replaced I removed the battery connections to reset the computer. After replaced, when my engine is cool, it will idle normally, but the rpm will idk how to explain but...
  2. '08 Jetta 2.5 Oxygen Sensor Replacement (Help!)

    I need to replace the Bank 1 Sensor 1 O2 sensor in my '08 Jetta. I know it is in the engine compartment before the Cat, but can anyone provide a photo and/or instructions? I have seen conflicting comments on tools needed. Any help from my fellow Vdub drivers is appreciated!!
  3. Replacing Oxygen Sensor - 1995 VW Cabrio

    Hey Folks, I have recently had a stint of low MPG on my 1995 VW Cabriolet. The vehicle has the following noted items: Recently cleaned the MAF with CRC SensorKleen 226 000 km/Odometer Reading Changed Spark Plugs 100km's Ago (G-Power - NGK) No signs of difficulty accelerating or unsteady idle...