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  1. 98 Passet Door Panel

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    The adhesive holding the fabric on each of my door panels has started to give out and it looks really unpleasant. As you can see I took the door panel off the passenger door to see if I could change the fabric and apply a new adhesive to make it look nice again. I was unfortunately greeted by...
  2. 2000 V6 Passat airbag light

    Hi I recently had my car in the VW dealer shop to figure out what was happening that caused the CEL to come on. They checked the car out and told me what was wrong, I then fixed he problems myself. I had figured that they would find out why the airbag light was on, but they didn't because that...
  3. looking to get a 2000 passat glx. wanna hear some feedback.

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I've found a 2000 Passat GLX 4motion with 137,000 miles on it. it's pretty much fully loaded except navigation. The interior and exterior are in amazing condition, and the seats have no cracks in the leather, and barely any visible wear. I'm just somewhat hesitant. Read some consumer reviews and...
  4. No Reverse - 2000 Passat GLX

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Help! My car doesn't go in reverse. It drives fine, just can't put it in reverse. I was told it could be a solenoid, transmission fluid (it has plenty of, so that's not it), and worse case scenario it needs a new transmission or have it rebuilt. I've been looking around for a transmission...
  5. Confort Control Module CCM - Waterproof vs specifications

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi, I'm brand new in this Forum, so let's make a small introduction. I own a VW Passat since 2002 with any special problems. Anyway in a period of the last 11 months, i had to replace the CCM twice. The VW dealers told me that there was water entering in. Questions: Shouldn't be the CCM...
  6. oil on spark plugs, valve cover change?

    i have a v6 passat and recently had a cylinder misfire so i changed all of my sparks plugs. some were bad some had oil on them. obviously meaning an oil leak. was told it might be the valve cover gasket. the worst case scenario would be the piston rings. checked with auto zone, a set of gaskets...