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  1. 2004 Passat Right parking lights won't turn off

    Recently bought a 2004 Passat wagon. Drove it home with no issues. After parking the Passat, my wife and I noticed that the left parking lights (all of the left signal lights) were left on, and the left arrow light on the dash is continuously lit. The right signal flasher works, and the...
  2. 03 Passat 1.8T cranks dosnt start

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Selling my 03 Passat 1.8T. Only code is timeing advanced. It was running fine then all of a sudden driving it 35mph making a turn and it shut off. No noises or anything clear as day on what could of caused it. Its in very good condition, leather seats, power seats, power windows, sunroof, fairly...
  3. 2008 VW Passat VR6 4Motion ACC Fault

    Midwestern US
    Hello, I recently purchased a VW Passat (AWD, 3.6l VR6). It was equipped with the VW Adaptive Cruise control, which the dealership I purchased it from informed me wasn't working. After further investigation I'm beginning to realize that this is likely going to cause other issues within the cars...
  4. Passat B7 DSG Flywheel Problem

    Hi All, I am new to this Forum and if I am posting this thread in wrong place then moderators please fix that. I have a VW Passat 2011 DSG and my car makes noise and some vibration on idling while the gear lever in neutral or parking but as soon as I shift it to drive or reverse position the...
  5. HID Kit for 2013 Passat SE

    Hey everyone, and thank you for reading this :D I'm leasing a 2013 Passat SE and would really like to install some 6K HIDs on it! I took it to a local shop, but they said the socket is new, there is no wiring, and the bulbs don't fit unless i get the plastic socket piece they need from...
  6. Passat B5.5 - Need help identifying cables

    Hi all! I'm hoping someone will be able to help me identify what the following cables are for. So I pulled out the head unit to swap it out for a new one and noticed these two wires. They aren't apart of the stereo look, they're from a big loom behind the whole centre console. They were plugged...
  7. Passat Spare Tire

    For Sale - Parts
    I have a brand new spare tire (wheel and rubber) from a 2013 Passat. A friend of mine decided he wanted to put a sub woofer in the spare tire space. While I think it's a silly idea because I'm a little more practical, he doesn't want the spare. $80 + shipping - I'm in East Dallas. Thanks! Blake
  8. Oil in/on plugs/wires??HELP!

    I've never used a forum before, so please bear with me! Also, please save your hateraide for other forums...I already know my mistake (read the following) So I bought an 03 Passat GLX V6 Auto, 91k bone stock, visual and driving inspection: No issues! Runs GREAT (no tranny issues, either)...
  9. ECU Compatability

    Hi there, i'm pretty new to this stuff and was hoping for a little advice. Recently come from an E36 328 beemer, to a 1.8 20v turbo Passat estate (1997). I know i know its old and its an estate, but needs must etc. Now coming from that beemer, im used to quite a bit of "poke" from my motors, and...
  10. clicking sounds from the air circulation system 2006 Passat 2.0

    My 2006 Passat 2.0 has developed some click sounds in the air circulation system down by the front passengers feet. When you turn the car on, every once in a while after that, and I can force it when I hit the recirculate button. Here is the sound: http://www.shire.net/Memo.m4a The first...
  11. Horrible noise in 2nd gear, and when in idle! Flywheel?

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hi! First of all: I'm new here, so hi! Second, I'm norwegian so i will try make myself as clear as possible, but keep my nationality in mind. I have a 2006 Passat 2.0 TDI, with as dsg gearbox. When i start up my car and leave it idling for a few seconds, the noise appears. Normally this only...
  12. looking to get a 2000 passat glx. wanna hear some feedback.

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I've found a 2000 Passat GLX 4motion with 137,000 miles on it. it's pretty much fully loaded except navigation. The interior and exterior are in amazing condition, and the seats have no cracks in the leather, and barely any visible wear. I'm just somewhat hesitant. Read some consumer reviews and...
  13. I NEED a Passat Tire Sensor

    For Sale - Parts
    I need one 2006 Passat tire sensor for the cheap. Or just the stem that fits the sensor. If anyone knows where to get the stem please let me know.200
  14. Tail Lamps

    I have a 2007 Jetta. I was thinking about getting the 2007 Passat LED tail lamps and installing them. Do I need to have one of those voltage limiters in order for the lights to work properly?
  15. 2000 Passat GLS 1.8 Turbo

    Hey, I just bought a 2000 Passat with the 1.8 turbo yesterday but it has a few things wrong with it I was hoping you could help me with? First, all four of the windows are non functioning, I know it's going to be a long prodject and time consuming but I was hoping you would know what part I...
  16. 2010 Passat water leak in backseat

    Quick question. Agreed to have my new 2010 Passat washed at dealership "A" while getting my 10,000 mi oil change. Only have ever hand washed car before this. Next day, car breaks down and won't start back up. Towed to dealership "B". "B" states that there is a gallon of water in my backseat...
  17. FS: 17inch Ronal A6 wheels $300

    For Sale - Parts
    Do you need winter wheels???? 17 X 7.5 inch, 5 X 112mm bolt pattern, with a ET45. These came on the C5 platform A6 S-line vehicles and are in good shape. One has been refinished, Two have normal wear, One is bent. I do not have center caps. I am asking $300 or best offer. Can pair up with a...
  18. 1.8L Sludge Proposition...

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    ...we (Lubrication Specialties, Inc.) have a product tested by Navistar to remove oil build-up and sludge. *The first 10 people to contact us with your name, address, and contact info (email) will receive a free 32 oz. bottle to test (replacing 1 quart of engine oil) All you need to do is a...
  19. 03 Passat Part out

    For Sale - Parts
    Front right smashed in, lots of good parts at good prices. Contact me for availability and pricing.
  20. please help my 2000 passat 1.8T cant start.

    hi i have 2000 passat 1.8T that i can not start. car was sitting for a month... i had to replace all control arms... than after i tryed to start it it does not wanna run. the battery died i had it chared at the auto zone. it cranks fine... i cant hear fuel pump work, i can not turn on my radio...