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  1. Passat
    Yeah so I bought this baby super low mileage, about 35k and now it at 80k. Had a lot of fun with this car but I find myself wishing it had more oomph in the gas pedal, if you know what I mean. Now I know that people usually say cars that come stock with a turbo benefit most from just a tune...
  2. For Sale - Parts
    Factory Wiper Blade Replacement for VW Volkswagen Jetta 2011-2019 VW PASSAT 2012-2018 VW CC 2013-2017-Original Equipment Windshield Wipers- 24"/19" (Set of 2) Top Lock 16mm...... MY PRICE = $22.99 BUY NOW LINK = https://amzn.to/3X16qjs About this item Fitment:Replacement for VW Jetta...
    $22 USD
  3. Passat
    I travel for 4 months in the winter and leave my 2013 VW Passat TDI in our condo garage - dry, cool, and undisturbed. I'm looking at disconnecting the NEG connection on the battery during my absence. Question - should I be concerned about anything 'special' that has to be performed when...
  4. Passat
    Hello fellow VW owners, I recently got myself a VW Arteon which is basically the same as Passat, And it hasnt a spare wheel in the trunk, so I wanted to get a fully sized one, but not sure which diameter has to be.. I guess 215/60/16 is okay? If not, which other sizes are good to go with and...
  5. Passat
    I have a 2007 Passat 3.6 4motion and are wondering what generations/model year of GLI steering wheel I can buy? I heard its just plug and play with the paddle shifters.
  6. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Hello all, I was wondering one thing, why are SDI engines way louder than TDI engines ? Where I live, many people drive old Golf 4's and Golf 5's with TDI engines mainly, but there are a couple of SDI's around also. I noticed that TDI engines are usually way quieter although they are also...
  7. Passat
    Hi guys . My car started to show an issue soon after a "bad" diesel filter and oil change . Meaning that the pump got some air in it and it was really difficult to turn it on. The problem comes and goes sometimes and is like this : car starts for about 4-5 min dhe start loosing power on the...
  8. Wheels & Tires
    Hi, I recently bought a second hand VW Passat 2008 highline. Turns out it doesn’t have all the tools I might need to change the wheel. In the car manual on the tools page, see image below, I seem to be missing numbers 3, 5 and 6. I have also attached an image of the car wheels. When I look up...
  9. For Sale 2012 Passat 3.6

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Hello, up for sale is my 2012 Vr6 passat. The car has been nothing but great memories and is a blast to drive. Has some mods done to it. Details: Airlift Performance Struts Airlift v2 management Spc Rear Camber arms Triple muffler delete esc street shield skid plate recent maintenance...
    $11,500 USD
  10. Passat
    Recently replaced both front left and right marker lights. They both work good, but warning light won’t go away. Is there anyway to reset this warning?
  11. Passat
    Just purchased a 2018 Passat R-line 2.0T about 3 weeks ago. Has 70K I have noticed a slight sporadic shake while idling or in park. So minor its hard to notice. And I've only noticed it twice in three weeks. Both times after sitting all night. Once it's warmed up. I've only put < 200 miles on it...
  12. Passat
    When we were satisfied with our modified car, we graduated, and the owner of the R36 ordered a set of titanium alloy bolts in BONOSS follow-up. As the owner of the car, he said that the modification was a life attitude. Car is no longer just a commuter tool but accompanied a boy into a man’s...
  13. Passat
    I am thinking on buying this Passat. It is a 2011 DSG 2.0 TDI Bluemotion. I drove it and it looks very well maintained but it has high mileage. Almost 250k. Will it last even if it had regular service history and is well maintained.
  14. General Volkswagen Discussion
    Every time I was my 2015 Passat TDI I have to wrap the side view mirrors in towels to catch the water that drips out and onto the doors without the towels in place, does anyone else notice this ? Any better solutions hahaha
  15. Passat
    Really need some guidance. Found a 2007 VW Passat engine and I’m wondering if I can swap it into my 2006 Passat. Is everything the same? What do I need to look out for. Help
  16. General Volkswagen Discussion
    I am trying to replace the LED turn signal in the passenger door mirror. I have found older model examples, but not for the '14 Passat. Short of spending money at a dealership, can any assist me, Please?
  17. MK4
    Recently bought a 2004 Passat wagon. Drove it home with no issues. After parking the Passat, my wife and I noticed that the left parking lights (all of the left signal lights) were left on, and the left arrow light on the dash is continuously lit. The right signal flasher works, and the...
  18. For Sale - Vehicles
    Selling my 03 Passat 1.8T. Only code is timeing advanced. It was running fine then all of a sudden driving it 35mph making a turn and it shut off. No noises or anything clear as day on what could of caused it. Its in very good condition, leather seats, power seats, power windows, sunroof, fairly...
  19. Midwestern US
    Hello, I recently purchased a VW Passat (AWD, 3.6l VR6). It was equipped with the VW Adaptive Cruise control, which the dealership I purchased it from informed me wasn't working. After further investigation I'm beginning to realize that this is likely going to cause other issues within the cars...
1-19 of 68 Results