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    By Nick Dasko I love my MKV GTI and I bet you all love your rides as well but do you ever find yourself looking at Euro-market models and fantasize about what might have been if you lived over there, or maybe VW brought over more models? For the sake of simplicity and to avoid backlash this...
  2. Polo
    Hi, Just bought a mint condition 51 plate polo gti full spec. However i understand they can have crap gearboxes. Is there any preventative measures i can do to stop it wearing out etc?? Thanks Oli
  3. Polo
    hi again, Iv posted before that i had problems with my gearbox on my polo gti . . . and its happened again only did 700 miles in this recon gearbox and its gone . . . grinding noises in everygear . . lucky for me i had 12 months garentee on the gearbox, but it leaves me wit no car 4 a while ...
  4. Polo
    Hello, my GTI is playin up . . problem is im gettin it was like i missed a gear and had a crunchin noise after that my car started to whistle a bit more well more of a screach but then it started grindin whilst drivin and my gears seem harder to put in and wen its warm the noise is worse . ...
1-4 of 4 Results