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  1. Upgrading my radio on 2008 polo match

    Hi, was wondering is it possible to find a radio to upgrade my polo 2008 to have apple car play. I have been looking into the rcd330 from AliExpress but I’m unsure to whether it will fit my car and if so what would radio frame/cage would I need as the corners of my current radio aren’t rounded...
  2. I got to review the 2020 Polo, and I was shocked how good it was!

    Hi all, a bit of a random post. A few weeks ago (before the Corona virus locked us all away!) I was given a 2020 Polo. I'll be honest, I thought I was going to be getting a pretty boring, unexceptional car. I was dead wrong, and blown away. I thought you guys being enthusiasts and owners would...
  3. Polo MkVI Upgrade

    Hi, I purchased a new 2019 Polo Highline recently with the 'Composition Color' (No SatNav) and basic AC, and I would consider upgrading to the 'Discover Media' (With SatNav), and Climate control AC. Is this possible and something that may be done at the VW dealership or an auto-technician? And...
  4. 2009 volkswagen polo 1.4 tdi bluemotion 79 bhp full car breaking

    Hi Guys, I am breaking my 2009 Vw Polo 1.4 tdi Blue motion in Black. Only done 96k miles and has been well looked after We do have other German Cars breaking at present Please see my eBay shop-http://www.ebaystores.co.uk/ajzautos All parts are available please give me a call on 07968737708
  5. 2001 Volkswagen Polo Review - With Richard Hammond (Good Video!)

    Hiya, I've found this really fun video with Richard Hammond, as he reviews the 2001 VW Polo! Here's the link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9PCi8Er_90 Hope you enjoy this :)
  6. Vw polo BlueGT 1.4tsi warning lights

    Hi Guys, was driving my car this morning and 3 warning lights came on at the same time. the warning lights are EPC, Flat Tyre and traction control light. The traction control light that came on was in the speedo clock area and not in the rpm clock area telling you that it is switched off. Pulled...
  7. 02 polo wont start

    After checking some of the fuses as the lights on one side of the car aren't working. when I next when to start the car nothing happened it didn't even turn over. The radio also doesn't turn on everything else seems fine. could this be an issue with the ECU or immobiliser losing power?
  8. Hazards flash when turning ignition on.

    Hi, I am new to the forum and have a quick question with regard to my new (to me) 56 plate polo 1.4s. I have searched but am yet to find an answer to my question, so I though I would ask you guys. Every time I turn the ignition of the car on the hazards flash for about 10 seconds. The lights...
  9. Polo 2010 Squeak When Cold

    Got a 2010 Polo and there is a squeak from the gearbox when it's cold (below 7degrees, or when not driven for a day or two). This happens mostly when you come back up off the clutch when moving off, shifting up or down, or when in lower gears and going over speed bumps etc. The noise goes away...
  10. Electrical problem, Help! :(

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    I have a very strange problem and I was hoping someone could help me figure out what it is. I have a 2007 polo 1.9Tdi and something odd is going on with the electronics. There are a number of things happening but I think these are all symptoms of one main problem. So lets go through them … •...
  11. Polo 2010 Power Steering Noise & Squeaking

    I've got the new version Polo 1.2 SE and in the last few months it has developed power steering noise (what sounds to me like the motor humming loudly) when turning the wheels at low speed. There is also a squeaking noise that seems to come when braking, pulling away, hitting bumps, that goes...
  12. Please Help, Polo Classic SDI Engine Problem

    Hi there everybody, After searching almost everywhere on the internet and forums I have not been able to find a solution to my problem sadly and really hoping someone can help. Ok so here is some info on the car; 2000 model year VW Polo Classic 1.9L SDI Has almost 300,000 Km on the clock Most...
  13. Mint Green Polo Breaking for spares

    For Sale - Parts
    Braking for spares , All parts must go :) b PMS or emails to [email protected] to enquire :) thanks
  14. MK4 Polo 3 Door, 1.0 (6N) For Breaking.

    For Sale - Parts
    MK4 Polo 3 Door, 1.0 (6N) For Breaking. Hi there, Breaking Everything That is on the Car apart from the Engine Head, Drivers side front Wing, Drivers Side Mirror and there is no starter motor. The Colour of The car is Purple/Blue, Lights, indicators, all electrics Are All perfect...
  15. 2001 Polo not starting

    I have just taken the emmence challenge of getting my girlfriends polo back on the road after it has sat about for 6 months as shes been travelling. I've replaced the battery and the only thing that happens is it clicks once and thats it. I have Vagcom and code read it and this fault has...
  16. vw polo fox 1.043 1994 help!

    General Volkswagen Discussion
    hi i have just bought a vw polo fox 1.043 1994 and it has a cracked head gasket, i have a couple of questions, i have been looking at this engine on ebay do you know if it will fit as it is out a facelift mk 3 and mine is an old shape one? the mechanic was saying to get an engine out of the same...
  17. 2000 vw polo 1.4 (100 bhp) rare model!! For sale

    For Sale - Vehicles
  18. Central Locking

    Hi, I've recently bought at 96 N reg 1.4 cl 5 door Polo and its not the most tidy of polos but I wondered if anyone knew if central locking is fitted standard on this model because atm I'm having to lock every door manually and wondered whether to take it in and get it fixed. any help or ideas...
  19. 96 1.6 Polo lumpy under deceleration

    Hi Anyone got any ideas why my Polo starts hunting under deceleration? When coming down the revs between 1750 and 2000rpm the car starts lurching - in all gears. It is not too bad if braking through that range but if just rolling along it is horrible, shakes the car. Had a guy connect it to a...
  20. polo 6n rear end swap

    hey guys just wondering does anybody know if a polo 6n2 rear end (boot bumper and lights) will fit on a 6n? after swapping mine on my 1999 model to th shape newer any feedback would be great .. cheers jamie