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power loss

  1. VW Golf went dead

    Hi I just bought a 2013 VW golf TDI (1.6L). It was running fine: I drove it back from the dealer on an hour drive and no issues. Then I stopped at some lights later in the day and when I was about to prepare to take off again the car was dead. No power to anything, wouldn't even turn on the...
  2. 98 Jetta GT 2.0 MK3 electrical? Help!

    Ok, here is the deal, after the car threw me a p0103 and p1580 on an OBDII scanner, I replaced the MAF, Throttle Body( not adapted), and the forward 02 sensor for good measure. the idle is at 1400 for a second then drops down to 900 and climbs back up to 1400 again. over and over this happens...
  3. tune up

    Our 97 cabrio is lacking in the power and as suggested I'm gonna try a tune up. Was thinking the catalytic could be clogged (new muffler, but still loud) but I'll start with the plugs. What else should I check or replace when tuning up a veedub?
  4. no power...

    again...we just got this car, a 97 cabrio and it is really lacking in the power department. This thing should be really peppy, and we are having to take some hills in 2nd gear that we should be able to do in 3rd. Any suggestions?
  5. My GLI just broke down! Please advise.

    I was accelerating on the highway and all of a sudden there was smoke everywhere. My car completely loss power. I came to a stop. Oil is dripping under the car. There's oil in the back of the engine bay. What happened? How screwed am I?