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  1. Stiff steering, creaking sound coming from driver side wheel well.

    Title pretty much sums it up. Have had the car (2004 GTI 1.8T) for almost a year and has always had stiff steering and a creaking sound accompanying it. For the hell of it u changed the fluid as the old fluid was black and sorta smelt burnt. I flushed the system and put new fluid in ( the...
  2. Tensioning the Power Steering belt?

    Vans & Transporters
    Hi all, I've recently bought a transporter and have noticed the power steering belt is slipping when turning full lock. After checking the belt it is slightly loose but I can't find a way to adjust the pulley to tension it? I've also noticed some shredding to the alternator belt? Apparently...
  3. 1998 Passat rack and pinion question

    got it!